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1: Society for the Performing Arts - Houston
Society for the Performing Arts is the largest nonprofit presenting organization of its kind in the entire Southwest. Each year SPA presents internationally acclaimed artists from the entire performing arts spectrum, traditional .. - 100%

2: Unity Performing Arts Foundation
Opportunities produce possibilities which produce a will to live. Give our youth the opportunity to dream, to believe, and a will to live. Sat 30 Chick-Fil-A Spirit Night April 15 5 30 pm - May 24 7 35 pm Sat 30 Mike s .. - 100%

3: Ensquared Pictures
Sri Lanka but now resides in Melbourne, Australia. He studied at Unitec New Zealand in Auckland and has recieved a Bachelors in Performing and Screen Arts, Majoring in Writing and Directing for Screen and Theatre. Contact us at .. - 100%

4: Our Yorkshire Heritage
European ice age, around 8000 BC., humans first settled in the Yorkshire region on the northeast coast of England. In the Mesolithic period, around 7000 BC, evidence has been found small settlements in Yorkshire, one example being .. - 100%

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