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1: The Heidelberg Project Non profit Open-Air Art Art Education Detroit
The Heidelberg Project is art, energy, and community. It s an open-air art environment in the heart of an urban community on Detroit s East Side. - 100%

2: Defenestration
dedicated to the memory of Jesse Nelson.. Defenestration Powered by Laughing Squid 1997-2010 Defenestration - 100%

3: Home Monika Rodiqi
Inspired by an unexpected future trip home and many questions by my peers, I have decided to start a project which intends to make information about Kosovo, the country I come from, more accessible to foreigners. Check out .. - 100%

4: me mr.
modern-day versions of your favorite childhood books.. - 100%

5: Fiona Wren Circus performer and artist.
Circus performer and artist. Home Photographs Video About 10911412 10153577174592516 8066431227828044182 o I am a circus performer and artist, living in Melbourne Australia. Available for hire and seeking collaborations. As an .. - 100%

6: Peter Busby Sculpture
Peter Busby Sculpture - 100%

7: Thunderbolt Lotus
Thunderbolt Lotus copyright ditton 2007-2009 all rights reserved - 100%

8: BoxWheel Productions
Portfolio Contact BoxWheel Productions Portfolio Contact IMG 8873.jpg Portfolio. We create visual content with the intention of taking the view out of their everyday lives and showing them something different. Nick Molyneux - .. - 100%

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