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1: Story Tuning with David Cohen
After all, you're the kind of person that works hard. You make things happen. You've got skills, talent, experience and a point of view that set you apart. And you're here because for you the next step is to tune into that story .. - 100%

2: Madonna.com Home
Madonna's official web site and fan club, featuring news, photos, concert tickets, merchandise, and more. - 100%

3: Teens Fashion Shop The Best Clothing - Magnus-design.com
Art is a thoughtful and thorough process, not to be taken lightly. November 7, 2015 No Comments Womenswear The Effects of Women s Fashion Effects of Women's Fashion Women s fashion is a direct reflection on society as a whole, .. - 100%

4: Alan b. Callander Video Art
Outside In Self Aware grey to white Stutter CF01 TWG F.01 Optic JP.01 FR.01 FG.01 Salvatos The clips here are either sequences of stills from the title, excerpts, or full-length compositions. Video and audio created by Alan b. .. - 100%

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