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1: Communications Power Industries
Communications Power Industries CPI provides microwave, radio frequency RF , power and control solutions for defense, communications, medical, scientific and industrial applications. Products include VEDs, klystrons, TWTs, .. - 100%

2: Ultra High Vacuum Valves HVA - High Vacuum Valves
HVA is the top manufacturer and supplier of vacuum valves, high vacuum valves and ultra high vacuum solenoid valves to leading vacuum technology innovators. - 100%

3: Eimac Products, Communications Power Industries CPI
Ham radio community. Under the leadership of the founders, Bill Eitel and Jack McCullough, the company grew and expanded to meet the needs of the U.S. military during World War II. Eimac continued to advance the technology and .. - 100%

4: Southern RFMV - Industrial RF and Microwave Parts and Service
Industrial RF and Microwave Parts - Rectifiers, Capacitors, Transformers, Tubes, Wave Guide, Magnetrons, and more. - 100%

5: Vacuum Tubes, Electron Tubes, Tubes, Tube Testers and Electronic Parts
Homepage for SND Tube Sales - 100%

6: Antique Radio Tubes Vacuum tubes Antique Radio's
Radio tubes, Vacuum tubes for sale, We have over a thousand different Radio tubes in stock. We also have a large stock of globe radio tubes, and have antique radio's for sale. - 100%

7: Frank's Electron tube Pages
Seach for tube data - Poland mirror only. electron Tube Data sheets - Poland Ryszard Select one of these flags to go to the electron Tube Data sheets The flags correspond with the location of the mirror site. electron Tube Data .. - 100%

8: Welcome to Teledyne MEC TWT's
Teledyne Microwave Electronic Technologies is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of broadband metal-ceramic Traveling Wave Tubes. - 100%

9: The National Valve Museum
Now with 4,600 Valve Exhibits. Update history or all valves in one long list Collections, Museums Links eg The Liverpool Collection Vintage Adverts and Boxes eg BTH LF407 box or Mullard's EL84 advert Technical Articles or Films .. - 100%

10: ARS Electronics Since 1947 - Home Page - Electron Tubes - Amp Tubes - RF Heating Tubes - ...
ARS Electronics Wholesale Electron Tube Distributor Since 1947, replacement new transmitter tubes and rebuilt transmitter tubes , replacement industrial microwave and magnetron tubes, tubes for radio frequency rf heating .. - 100%

11: Tube Tester Welcome Page - TubesontheWeb.Com Home Page
Home of the Computerized Tube Tester TubesontheWeb Home Page Tubes Tube Testers - 100%

12: Welcome to W7OIL
Claim this portion of the Internet in the name of ME! Late breaking news not from the world's leading news services La Center, WA, 2 61pm If you are not afraid to enter an esoteric conglomeration of unrelated interests, ideas, .. - 100%

13: RF Tube data, Power Amplifiers, YC156, application notes - G8WRB
Data on valves or tubes from Amperex, Burle, Eimac, GEC, Philips, Penta, RCA, and Svetlana - 100%

14: Home Page
Bill's Vintage Tube Site - 100%

15: Vacuum tube, Electron tube, Valve, dBtubes.com - dBtubes
dBtubes over 175,000 vacuum tubes in stock from 139 manufacturers. Worldwide shipping 4 per tube. 3862 tube types New in box NOS , Used and more, rare - 100%

16: 'GSTube.com' Tubes, sockets etc.
''GSTube.com'' Tubes, sockets etc. - 100%

17: Tube Collectors Association
Tube Collectors Association TCA . The Bylaws of the TCA are located here. Our Mission The Tube Collectors Association is established to support and encourage the collection of electron tubes of all types and historical periods. .. - 100%

18: Tube-Shop.com - Vacuum Tubes for Hi-Fi, Guitar and Radio amplifiers
For all your Vacuum Tube needs. We offer the largest range of tubes online for GHi0Fi, Guitar, Radio and Industrial applications. Many World leading brands like Svetlana, Golden Dragon, Ei and PM Guitar Tubes as well as a huge .. - 100%

19: Audio Tubes - Vacuum Tubes - ESRC Vacuum Tubes
3.5 Million products stocked. A Leading Supplier of Vacuum Tubes, Audio tubes, Ham Radio Tubes, and Tube Related Products. - 100%

Due to the high variety of Electron Tubes that were made over the years, this site only showcases those type of tubes that were used in professional audio devices, such as pre and power amplifier, microphones, effect and non .. - 100%


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