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1: SiteDev.com - Michael Eaton Consulting
Michael Eaton Consulting specializes in the design and development of high-quality, robust software, database and web solutions. - 100%

2: Sterling Data - Templates Resources For Clarion Developers
Clarion template developers -we also have a Clarion freeware section you can download from - Softvelocity Topspeed Tools neded - 100%

3: Planned Giving Design Center The World's largest community of planned giving professionals
Randy Fox Interviews John A. Warnick I have the opportunity to break new ground as Editor in Chief for The Planned Giving Design Center. In late March 19-20 , I'll be attending and reporting from the Fusion Collaboration .. - 100%

4: Rogue Trader
cold.org Protos LLC Rogue Gaming Society Revenant Games ColdC Project Friends and Family Brandon Stuff All Projects En Requiem Greyhawk Vault This page makes copious use of CSS style sheets, if you are .. - 100%

5: Tempest Software
Tempest Software - 100%

6: Taygeta
Taygeta provides customized software development services. designs software solutions using the programming language or languages that best fit the problem at hand. About Taygeta Taygeta Network Security Services is dedicated to .. - 100%

7: Haskell Language
The Haskell purely functional programming language home page. - 100%

8: Welcome to Python.org
The official home of the Python Programming Language - 100%

9: Quercus Systems Home Page
Quercus Systems.. branching out from the basics Copyright 1995-2003 by Quercus Systems, All Rights Reserved - 100%

10: www.neuron.com
- 100%

11: Bugopolis Bugzilla Defect Tracking Solutions Bugopolis, LLC
Bugzilla servers hosted Bugzilla. Bug database management. Web based Defect Tracking. Backups, Bugzilla support, Bugzilla customizations-Security hardened - 100%

12: Ada Home the Home of the Brave Ada Programmers HBAP
Ada Home, the Home of the Brave Ada Programmers HBAP entry page here is support and resources for those who need or want to learn, use, teach, and or spread Ada. - 100%

13: Inchirieri utilaje Inchirieri utilaje
Societatea SC.Motiva Construct S.R.L. v ofer utilaje pentru diferite tipuri de lucr ri n domeniul construc iilor n Sibiu, Cisnadie i mprejurimi precum i - 100%

14: Software Development and Database Administration Blog - ChrisUmbel.com
The home page of Chris Umbel, passionate software developer and data architect. - 100%

15: Qbasic Quickbasic News - Daily Qbasic News and Resources.
Come on over to Qbasic New's tutorials section which is filled with tutorials covering every qbasic command! QBasic Forums Check out the Qbasic News Forums! Hang out with people who like QBasic, just like you! Must See QB Express .. - 100%

16: www.gdma.com
Remember me Forgot Password? Sign in Designed and Developed by VMK Software Solutions Pvt.Ltd Forgot Password ? Enter your e-mail address below to reset your password. submit Cancel - 100%

17: OSR Windows System Software Unique Expertise, Guaranteed Results
We're experts in Windows device driver, file system, internals, and debugging. Training, consulting and custom development services available worldwide. - 100%

18: SkyHunter.com
Shea Married with a son..find her in pinterest.com and facebook.com if you dare Eddie and the Cruiser updated 9 11 2009 Travel Tips Page DecideRight-currently being redeveloped as a web application coming Fall 2015 Last .. - 100%

19: Westglenn Jeff Trotman
What happened to Westglenn? Westglenn Software, Inc. is a software consulting firm in Birmingham, AL founded in 1994 by Jeff Trotman me . For many years, a lot of the services provided were focused on accounting software .. - 100%

20: HugeDomains.com - Delphi3.com is for sale Delphi 3
Hurry - once it's sold this opportunity will be gone! Besides being memorable, .com domains are unique This is the one and only .com name of it's kind. Other extensions usually just drive traffic to their .com counterparts. To .. - 100%


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