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1: Welcome to Moe's Books, Berkeley! Used, New, and Rare Books
Moe's Books, 2476 Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley CA 94704. Open 10 am to 10 pm every day. 510 849-2087. More Moe's, open noon to 6pm every day. 510 849-2133. Moe's Books is the legendary bookstore founded in 1959 by Moe .. - 100%

2: Xander Mellish Short Stories and Cartoons
Welcome to Xander Mellish, Short Stories and Cartoons fine writing since 1995. - 100%

3: ec pfeffer
ec pfeffer writer photographer people Warby Parker for The New Yorker back to the future still life barbie's things jewels snacks projects which way west It's Already Tomorrow in Australia Predispose About people Warby Parker for .. - 100%

4: Welcome to the Jordan
Thanks for visiting our new site. Don't forget to sign the guestbook!! Hope everyone enjoys the new webpage, thanks to Steve discovering Frontpage, it isn t nearly as daunting! We have changed the pages around a bit and .. - 100%

5: Southern Dreamer Where dreams are made
Where dreams are made.. - 100%

6: Urbane r- b n - notably polite or polished
The Urbane Environmentalist is taking green in a new direction by getting away from the stereotype of crunchy or radical. It demonstrates that some of us are nice people who actually have a sense of humor and believe .. - 100%

7: Celtics SuperFan GuyWithGreenHair
Celtics Super Fan Page - 100%

8: The Adventures of a Chick with a Stick
Stories from a girl whose nerves get on her nerves. Monday, 30 June 2014 Northern Adventures This last week, I went up to Sydney with Mark as he had a conference for work. While he was off learning about "secret government .. - 100%

9: Kelly Duff Writes
Check out my latest blog. Read a NEW Excerpt of Tame My Racing Heart My favorite question these days is..when can I read your novel? I swear I'm working on it diligently. In the meantime, check out a chapter from Tame My Racing .. - 100%

10: 517888.com-www.517888-AG -OG - -
, , , - 100%

11: Home
Published by Bellissima Publishing, LLC, www.bellissimapublishing.com "Surfer Girl," the first book in this series, is recognized by the Girls Voices in Literature Database, Miami University, Florida, for positive gender image, .. - 100%

12: Hey, Mister Writer! a.k.a. Robert G. Schill
..Hey Mister Naturist!" "Hey Mister Photographer!" "Hey, Mister Reader!" Contact Mister Writer Copyright 2006 - 2008 Robert G. Schill All rights reserved. - 100%

13: Lena Mark Minted
Lena and Mark Toggle navigation Menu Home RSVP Photos Events Wedding Party Travel Couple Photo Please join us for our wedding celebration on August 4, 2017 Our Story Lena After being matched on eHarmony, we had our first date at .. - 100%

14: Sunshine and Spoons
That didn't do anything for me either. Actually, I was getting kind of frustrated because I kept coloring outside the lines, picking colors that I regretted seconds later, my markers were bleeding through the paper, and the .. - 100%

15: Psychology 101
That semester ends before July. My last semester for getting my AA is this Fall semester, which does not start until August, so I will be paying attention to this blog project all through July, but in August I will be on hiatus .. - 100%

16: Misti Jordan Minted
Brad Paisley came on. Jordan, like always, asked me to dance. Luckily I had had enough wine to think it was a good idea. About halfway through the song Jordan got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! Or at least I think he .. - 100%

17: An Anxious Writer
by Se n Cooke - 100%

18: Bottom of the Top Blogging Boston and My Time as MIT's Dumbest Smarty
Told you I've been up to big things! Today is the official launch of my Etsy store As I've mentioned a few times, I'm really into crocheting. Like, I spend an obscene amount of time crocheting. I now have more afghan blankets than .. - 100%

19: Angela Conley Freelance Journalist. Blogger. Decor Guru.
Freelance Journalist. Blogger. Decor Guru. by The Decor Guru - 100%

20: A Queen's Ramblings Snapshots into the writing life of Author Queen of Spades
Snapshots into the writing life of Author Queen of Spades - 100%


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