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Top: Entertainment: Humor,_Jokes,_and_Fun: Bizarre
1: BeyondWeird Home Page
Witchcraft, Paganism, paranormal, aliens, communion, ghosts, mystery, anomaly, sasquatch, ufo, extraterrestrials, area 51, conspire, conspiracy, dreamland, loch ness, bigfoot, creature, prophet, nessie, black projects, .. - 100%

2: Yak - Internet - Digital Home Phone - Cable - Long Distance
Affordable Contract Free Telecom Services from Yak. Why pay more for Home Phone, Internet, Long Distance and Mobile when you can save today with Yak. - 100%

3: Zombie Diaries
The new Pride and Prejudice and Zomies..NOW with a scheduled date! Back in March I know I am behind the times , Entertainment Weekly got the dish on the PPZ film coming to the big screen February 2016. Many directors have been .. - 100%

4: Paul JaYmes - London, United Kingdom about.me
View Paul JaYmes on about.me, your personal page with a purpose. Paul JaYmes uses about.me to show people what matters most to them. - 100%

5: P. D. Griffith's P.O.V.
On Books, Movies, Television, Writing, Music Publishing by pdgriffith - 100%

6: The Floccinaucinihilipilification Homepage - The Floccinaucinihilipilification Blog
What optimizations should I use when I write my code? You'll see lots of comments including a few from me saying effectively Don't try to optimizate your code until is working and you can profile benchmark it or as I like to put .. - 100%

7: Rob Crisell Rob Crisell
Fire burn, and cauldron bubble. Senator of New York state, In the cauldron boil and bake. Neon pantsuit, vodka on rocks, Fork d tongue and excess Botox, Crooked hen with no right wing, Horny hubby embarrassing, For a charm of .. - 100%

8: Dannymalt.com A blog about pop culture, movies, tv, comics, advertising and life.
A blog about pop culture, movies, tv, comics, advertising and life. - 100%

9: The Allure of Books
The Allure of books, young adult book reviews, romance book reviews The Allure of Books - 100%

10: The Millennial Geek Celebrating all things geek in Singapore
Celebrating all things geek in Singapore - 100%

11: Tom Foulkes says.Hello
Tom Foulkes - passionate marketer and evangelist for the role of design and marketing in business. - 100%

12: Sayan Banerjee
Welcome To My Homepage by Mr. Banerjee - 100%

13: Creepy Catalog Thought Catalog
Brought to you by thought.is About Submissions Homepage Popular Reel Writers Books send Terms of Use Privacy Policy Adchoices Homepage Popular Reel Writers Books About Submissions Tag Creepy Catalog 26 Facts About Satanic Murder, .. - 100%

14: The Opinionated Grunt Reviewing anything and everything life throws this way
The Opinionated Grunt Reviewing anything and everything life throws this way About the OG Musings Reviews Project TNG MV5BMTQ4OTgzNTkwNF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMzI3MDE3NDE . V1 SX214 AL Tomorrowland A World Beyond June 13, 2015 0 .. - 100%

15: Looking Glass Photography
A Nashville Panda Loving Photographer - 100%

16: Nothing to see here
This site will gain some useful content and maybe look a bit more exciting when I have time. For now, if you came looking for my Acorn RISC OS programs, they can be found here. - 100%

17: Writing from Near and Far Make your travels meaningful
You feel pulled to craft a meaningful narrative of your experiences. The blog posts and free guides on this site will help you do just that. Why are we compelled to tell stories of our travels? We are all deeply programmed to .. - 100%

18: Ordo Illemonatorum
Lemon Ordo Illemonatorum Internally Hosted Sites WikiLemon External Sites of Some Sort of Interest Lemon Demon The Lemon Demon Forum Neil Cicierega - 100%

19: C Y P H R E S W E B - Lifestyle, Art More
Continue - 100%

20: pleasehavemercy.com
I need 10,000. Share this and when the need is filled ask for the PleaseHaveMercy.com domain for others in need for free! - 100%


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