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1: Musings From The Bottle
Humorous weekly columns and jokes. A variety of entertaining humor and fun. Many Categories of humor fun and jokes. Satire at its sassiest. animal humor blonde humor animal jokes blonde jokes - 100%

2: 3milioane
Adelaina Lazar Something more intelligent to say? Adelaina Lazar Did you read the article? If so, we can talk, if not, I already understand your position Adrian Mihai Yes, it s the website of some feminists who go hand in .. - 100%

3: Tabitha Rayne
Website and blog of erotic romance author Tabitha Rayne - 100%

4: Mr Bumpy Cat
Jokes, funny email forwards, awesome animal stories, and amusing cat-it-orials by Mr Bumpy, Bloggercat, and friends. - 100%

5: Teeple People Home Page
Teeple Family History Home Page - 100%

6: Miss-EJ.com
How do you say no to a friend? Ouch Past midnight dilemma Annoying text messages Don't go with the flow People we don't want to think about Canon SLR Watched movies Another one of those posts Mister Cheater Another failed - 100%

7: Lastly Adrie by Adrienne Fusitua
My name is Adrienne Fusitua, 21 years old, recently married to Daniel Fusitua and soon to be mother of 2 beautiful children. We have a beautiful 4 year old daughter, Kara, who keeps our lives busy with her "smarts" and sassy .. - 100%

8: Steampunk Stories - A Wednesday Chapbook of Short Stories in the Steampunk Style
Garden of Iden by Kage Baker at Amazon.com My heart was broken when I heard the news that Kage Baker had died of cancer in January. She was a true steampunk author before steampunk had its name. Her tales of The Company and their .. - 100%

9: Sew Much For That
Three Books I recommend for you! Amber's Cake Tonight's dinner.. Saying goodbye isn't easy.. June 6 This post courtesy of my brothers.. The Seven-Year-Old Project My Grandma Charlotte's Shower, part II - Never so many .. - 100%

10: Jewels in the Rough Becoming that Proverbs 31 woman
100 uses for the young living starter kit Have you already taken the plunge into essential oils? Here are some tips and creative uses for all those new oils. Do We Nourish Their Souls? I spend so much time preparing nourishing .. - 100%

11: bankofhumor
- 100%

12: Cultivating Conversation Life, family, and farm
by Emily Buck - 100%

13: It's All in the Perspective! Life and the world through elder eyes.
Life and the world through elder eyes. - 100%

November has and will always be a month of endless celebrations. Countless birthdays, now including our Princess London Carin Bates. Not to sound cliche, but it was literally the best day of our lives. Without actually knowing, .. - 100%

15: Free Lineman Bracelets
Bracelets for the wives of power linemen - 100%

16: Home
All rights reserved. Home About Contact Video Chat Frederick And Maryrose View on Mobile - 100%

17: Happy. Healthy. Fit
For most of my life I've played it safe. But that has all recently changed. This blog is about me celebrating the death of my comfort zone in every possible way! You may wonder what happened in my life to spark such a big change. .. - 100%

18: 002.cc
002.cc , , 288 ! .. - 100%

19: Tait Family 2008
Thanks to our daughter Laura for creating this page. She is taking a web-designing class at college and created this site for us. Take your time to browse through and find out more of how we spent 2008. This was our first year in - 100%

20: JET LAG Manifesto simple discovery of adventure
simple discovery of adventure by Ola U. - 100%


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