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1: The Journal of Irreproducible Results
The fact-filled, fun-filled, thoughtful science humor magazine - 100%

2: Random Access Humor - The Intelligent Humor Magazine
Industrial Smoke Mirrors, Ltd. 32768 Infinite Loop Sillycon Valley, CA. 80486-DX2 USA, Earth, Sol System, Milky Way Kung Pao Har Hoo, M.D., Ph.D., D.Sc., F.A.C.S., C.P.A., S.P.C.A., Y.M.C.A., L.E.D., Q.E.D., op.cit., et. al. .. - 100%

3: TheJay.com Fresh and Funny Pop Culture Commentary
Posted in Life and Times of The Jay. Further Signs You Are Watching A Bad Nicolas Cage Movie Oct 12th, 2011 by Jason Matthews. No comments yet That beacon of movie magic, that icon of cinematic excellence, that scion of taste and .. - 100%

4: Homepage - Kingswood University
Equipping Christ-like Servant Leaders for Global Impact - 100%

5: COMEDY ZINE.com The Original Humor Site - Political humor, satire commentary from Scotty ...
The original web comedy magazine ComedyZine.com includes topical humor, sports humor, political humor, satire, parody and commentary from Scotty Kowall's ComedyZine.com. Worth checking out. Hilarious! - 100%

6: George Clark's Internet World of Ridicule
Questions about George Clark Services? Call 888-284-9895 Unannounced personal visit 1615 Wallingford Ave. N. Seattle, Washington 98109 Use basement entrance knock and wait. All contents 2001 by George Clark and George Clark .. - 100%

7: www.ccpunch.com
- 100%

8: The Toilet Paper
Dedicated to the weirdest, strangest, and yet somehow the most worthwile. You'll find short stories, pictorals, novels, poems, satire and jesus. Whatever. - 100%

9: The Funny Times The Cartoon Humor Newspaper
Make your own cartoons! Playground Gallery Send a Funny e-Card! password funnycard Free Take-a-Break Cartoons Sample Issue Blog What s new? Cartoon of the Week Editorials Back Issues Features Like us on Facebook 0 items .. - 100%

10: Toxic Custard - Contents - Australian humour
This site is being kept online, but is no longer being actively updated. Some links and other information may no longer be correct. Daniel's latest writing is on his blog at danielbowen.com and at geekrant.org The weekly Toxic .. - 100%

11: Bluesy is Bonnie Weinstein Crowe, YA Novelist, Scifi Geek, Supernatural Screenwriter, ...
Bluesy is Bonnie Weinstein Crowe, writer, author, science fiction writer, graphic novelist,screenwriter,UC Berkeley alumni,artist, Bluesyworld,created The hollywood giftshop,Movieweek, Everythings Jewish, children's book author, .. - 100%

12: The Brunching Shuttlecocks
The Brunching Shuttlecocks was a comedy website that ran from 1997-2003. The co-creators were Lore Sj berg and David Neilsen. Some of the more popular pages Porn Star or My Little Pony? The Geek Hierarchy Your Roommate Plays the .. - 100%

13: YIP's Fun Depot
Fun Depot Comics Stories Other Links - 100%

14: Hooked on Phallics
a website so cool, your tongue will stick to it. she's just a friend.. http www.pickensart.com wp-content v work sitemap0.html http www.pickensart.com wp-content v trading sitemap1.html http www.pickensart.com wp-content .. - 100%

15: J nggu Jungguo China Zh nggu Zhongguo - Jungguo
East Asian communities. This is only but a humble beginning that will build over time to better serve as needs become apparent. Thank you for your visit and for any input you have to provide. in service - your admin michael .. - 100%

16: hurnco
Spooky All Hallow's Eve Bluh! Bluh! Halloween Butterfly Heath, Tx 2004 posted by cesar 11 27 AM Wednesday, October 27, 2004 Piney Piney Heath, Tx 2004 posted by cesar 2 29 PM Tuesday, October 05, 2004 Long Cold Sneeze .. - 100%

17: Gorilla Mag
How alike are humans and gorillas? As we all have learned in school, humans are also part of the animal kingdom, more precisely of the order Primates, which also includes monkeys and apes, such as gorillas. While it may be .. - 100%

18: Free Funny Jokes, One Liners, Humorous Pictures and Hilarious Videos to Laugh At!
Get lots of humorous stories, photos and one-liners for your online enjoyment! Signup to get clean humor and practical jokes to make you laugh out loud! - 100%

19: xeth.com
Has been Home to Fine Webertainment since the Last Century! But never mind this Old School html page Follow These LINKS! For my Animation Channels visit DISTRACTIONLAND and XETHTOON For Comix, Illustration and other Links .. - 100%

20: Cenozoic Studios, Inc.
Cenozoic Studios, Inc has moved on to greener eras. Live long and prosper. - 100%


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