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1: Soldier of Fortune Magazine The Journal of Professional Adventurers
Islamic State Fighters Killed in Syria, Iraq, But at What Cost? Glenn has been awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross on six occasions, and holds the Air Medal with 18 Clusters for his service during World War II and Korea. Glenn .. - 100%

2: Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
.. These things always sound tantalizing to our taste buds. Many times that voice in the back of our head screaming to restrain yourself gets silenced by our drive for fatty foods. These foods are around every corner with friends and .. - 100%

3: JED Uncategorized JED
Please click on the JED cover below to access the current issue. JJCover The Journal of Electronic Defense JED is the official publication of the Association of Old Crows AOC , an independent, nonprofit, international .. - 100%

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