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1: The Female Soldier
Serbia in the First Balkan War in 1912. When the First World War broke out in 1914 Sandes traveled to Serbia with a St. John Ambulance unit of 36 women. She later operated a Red Cross ambulance alongside the Serbian Army s .. - 100%

2: Women In Military Service For America Memorial
The online Gift Shop remains under construction. To place an order, please call 800-222-2294 703-533-1155. CoCButton Dept. 560 Washington, DC 20042-0560 703-533-1155 800-222-2294 FAX 703-931-4208 hq womensmemorial.org .. - 100%

3: The Wartime Memories Project - Preserving Memories of The Great War and World War Two
Preserving memories of The Great War and The Second World War, before they are lost forever. - 100%

4: William Romero Military - YouTube
Military, Lackland, Instructor, MTI, Trainer, JBSA, San Antonio. USAF, Air Force, William Romero Military, Iraq Vet, Texas - 100%

5: William Romero Military - YouTube
Military, Lackland, Instructor, MTI, Trainer, JBSA, San Antonio. USAF, Air Force, William Romero Military, Iraq Vet, Texas - 100%

6: samgraham
Welcome to the Graham Family Photo Site. We enjoy traveling and spending time with the family and want to share our experiences with our friends and family..this is the place. We try to keep this updated so we don't have to .. - 100%

7: Home Page
Talmon and Meirav Zacharovitch in particular. Thanks to Uri Meretz of the Israeli Navy Association link in Hebrew for useful corrections and additions to this web site. Thanks to the the Israeli Navy Association and the .. - 100%

8: www.militarysuccessnetwork.com
CBC's Rex Murphy on denial of care for last Norwegian Vet on MilitarySuccessNet's 'tri-national' post - 100%

9: Surviving the Silence - HOME
Colonel Pat Thompson was a decorated military nurse, only two years away from retirement. Then came her toughest assignment presiding over the dismissal hearing of Colonel Grethe Cammermeyer. MORE Picture How do a pacifist and a .. - 100%

10: AMEDD Museum Foundation
AMEDD Medical Museum, Fort Sam Houston, TX Army Medical Department is the museum dedicated to all of the Medical Corps in the Army Medical Department. - 100%

11: Chattanooga Area Veterans Council
Established in 1983, the Chattanooga Area Veterans Council or CAVC provides quarterly briefings by Veteran Administration personnel streamlined support efforts celebratory event coordination, and is a centralized resource .. - 100%

12: www.womenofthemilitary.com
WOMEN OF THE MILITARY Home Page Trailer Featuring Contact What's it like to be female in today's military? Kate Hoit, a female soldier, comes home from Iraq, discovers that America has a distorted view of women in the military, - 100%

13: Military People Search - Home
Good luck with your search! Site Information About Us Contact Us Terms of Use Privacy Policy Copyright 2001-2014 Net-Trace, All Rights Reserved. - 100%

14: WID Palmetto Chapter
A National Defense Organization - 100%

15: A Tribute to Lori Ann Piestewa, A Native American Hero and The first American woman killed ...
A Tribute to Lori Ann Piestewa, The first American woman killed in Iraq - 100%

16: Shining Service Worldwide
Shining Service - 100%

17: OneAlpha
We are lifelong ISR professionals and have dedicated ourselves to continuously improving both the technology and the operational practice of ISR to serve our national security needs. We founded OneAlpha Corporation to serve the .. - 100%

18: NVfront
- 100%

19: Fort Custer Historical Society
Home Page - 100%

20: Fort Custer Historical Society
Home Page - 100%


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