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21: New England First Amendment Coalition
New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. In collaboration with other like-minded advocacy organizations, NEFAC also seeks to advance understanding of the First Amendment across the nation and freedom of speech and press issues .. - 100%

22: Lynn Estomin Video Photography Web
Other Side of the Fence Out of Step Becky's Story Dies Irae Walkin' to New Orleans Run Jane Run No Justice, No Peace Motherhood on Trial Heroes Mortgaged Generations Freedom Bound Warrior Writers Disturbance Stitch in Time Empty .. - 100%

23: GoHarrison
Preventing Truth Decay - 100%

24: Votinoff Blog. , -
- , , , .. - 100%

25: Georgia WAND Women. Power. Peace.
Women. Power. Peace. - 100%

26: Home Industrial Control Security Nuclear
All stakeholders have a new responsibility in ensuring the safety, reliability and stability of our Critical National Infrastructure. Public and Private partnerships are paramount and information sharing on an international level .. - 100%

27: Completure - Decentralized News App
Get the top News in your country and the world by creating and voting for mini-stories - 100%

28: Charlotte Web Design Digital Marketing UNION
UNION's strategic web design services in Charlotte unifies brands with consumers, strategy with technology and goals with results. - 100%

29: What's the Matter with Kansas?
Based on the Thomas Frank's best-seller, What's the Matter with Kansas? shows how Kansas transformed from an outpost of radicalism to a bastion of conservatism. Unforgettable characters and their stories shed new light on our .. - 100%

30: Why Ben Carson in 2016? A Simple Question for Supporters of Dr. Carson's Campaign
Welcome to Why Ben Carson in 2016? This site has one, extremely narrow focus let supporters of Dr. Ben Carson's presidential campaign speak for themselves - 100%

31: Post-Frontiers Conference
Post-Frontiers Conference will be held in Pittsburgh, PA December 9-10, 2019. - 100%

32: www.apricfl.org
- 100%

33: Uphold These Rights - Take Action!
Our foundational rights are threatened. Act now to save those you most value. Click-Learn-Act! First Amendment Rights Environment Human Rights Public Education Foreign Policy Preventing Nuclear War Healthcare Political Action .. - 100%

34: Moonbounce Foundation
Website under construction. Coming soon. "The Moonbounce Foundation is working at it s fullest to fullfill the world with it s needs for safety, medicine, peace and equality for all. We are purely the product and manifestation .. - 100%

35: Gloria Lariva for president 2016
Gloria Estela La Riva is an American activist associated most recently with the Party for Socialism and Liberation and in California with the Peace and Freedom Party, and previously with the Workers World Party. Gloria Estela La .. - 100%

36: Military Child Education Coalition - for the sake of the child
Military Child Education Coalition The MCEC identifies unique challenges facing military-connected children, increases awareness of these challenges in military and educational communities, and implements programs to meet these .. - 100%

37: salt thoughts from south coast new england annie ashe fields
salt thoughts from south coast new england annie ashe fields Herman Cain Position Paper, Herman Cain, Herman Cain 2012, Politics, Washington DC, Obama, Tea Party, MSNBC, FOX, New York Times, Conservative, Progressive, .. - 100%

38: quadrant4.org QUADRANT FOUR is a journal dedicated to the exploration of forms of social ...
An electronic journal on forms of social organization that simultaneously optimize individual autonomy and social cohersion - 100%

39: Congressional Traitors
Having the character of a traitor disloyal. 2. Constitutiong teason a traitorous act. TREASON n. 1. Violation of allegiance toward one's sovereign or country especially, the betrayal of one's own country by waging war against - 100%

40: Girard Kelly Just another WordPress weblog
This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! My photos. Now you know me. A photo on Flickr A photo on Flickr A photo on Flickr A photo on Flickr A photo on Flickr A photo on Flickr Lifestream RT kyrstensinema - 100%


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