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1: CapWeb - Politics covering political parties and citizenship and guide to the U.S. ...
CapWeb is provides a wide variety of information on current political officials, political parties, census reports, political funding, and more. - 100%

2: Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute
Get energized and excited bout your future. Our high school programs will help you prepare for your next big step - college. - 100%

3: www.senate.gov
- 100%

4: Legislative News, Studies and Analysis National Conference of State Legislatures
News, current events, information and analyisis to support state legislatures. Bipartisan case studies on important issues facing state governments. - 100%

5: www.stennis.gov
The Stennis Center helped dedicate a historical marker for John C. Stennis in his hometown of DeKalb on March 21, USS NIMITZ SAILORS HONORED AT STENNIS AWARDS CEREMONY USS NIMITZ SAILORS HONORED AT STENNIS AWARDS CEREMONY .. - 100%

6: Kentucky Institute of Medicine
Kentucky Institute of Medicine Home About Us Board of Governors Advisory Staff By-Laws Directory Task Forces Seat Belt The Health of Kentucky A County Assessment Comprehensive Statewide Physician Workforce Study Membership .. - 100%

7: Indian Association of Sports Anthopometry, India.
The Indian Association of Sports Anthropometry was established in 1997. It has a registered body constitution with a membership of more than 400 persons both men and women representing almost all states in the country. Each state .. - 100%

8: Ramblings and Junk
Nothing in particular and miscellaneous ramblings of an internet junkie. Search March 24, 2009 Really? A Creative Director for the country? From FastCompany. Design Revolutionaries Should You Be the U.S. Secretary of Design? BY - 100%

9: Alabama Brewers Guild Alabama Brewers Guild - Alabama's local craft brewers
Alabama Brewers Guild Collaboration. Read More Alabama Missing 3000 Jobs New Analysis shows Alabama short 3,000 jobs and 284 million from craft beer. Read More The Three-Tier System Why craft beer brewers and consumers should .. - 100%

10: Atomic Power Evolution Awareness Foundation Dr. Neelam Bharat ki Parmanu Saheli awareness ...
Dr.Neelam Goyal is a well known social activist and the President of Atomic Power Evolution Awareness Foundation. Dr. Neelam is known as Bharat ki Parmanu Saheli . She has been working for the awareness of Atomic Energy in .. - 100%

11: Welcome to AAIDD of Illinois
site description here - 100%

12: Kiran Maithili Sodh Sansthan
Last Tweets 823 2011-12 facebook rss twitter google linkedin pinterest celestino Home About Sansthan Committee Members Report Kiran Ji Bibhuti Samman Puraskar Sammanit Gallery Books .. - 100%

13: Commonwealth Transportation Board CTB
Official Web Site of the Virginia Department of Transportation - 100%

14: Ramblings and Junk
Nothing in particular and miscellaneous ramblings of an internet junkie. Search March 24, 2009 Really? A Creative Director for the country? From FastCompany. Design Revolutionaries Should You Be the U.S. Secretary of Design? BY - 100%

15: Asean Coffee Federation About Us
The inaugural meeting was held at Pattaya, Thailand in early 2010 where the members held their first brainstorming session on what they could do together so as to promote ASEAN coffee via a common vehicle, ACF. A subsequent .. - 100%

16: PNGAS - Pennsylvania National Guard Associations
Capitol in Washington, D.C. Led by PNGAS Chair Joel Mutschler, Vice Chair Angela Stateler, along with Maj. Gen.Wesley Craig, association members fanned out across Capitol Hill to brief the Pennsylvania National Guard congressional .. - 100%

17: GFOAT Spring Conference
Looking for ways to develop your contribution to public finance? Wanting to build a sustainable and resilient financial management organization? Searching for ways to branch out in your professional development? This Spring .. - 100%

18: 3rd Annual Corporate Social Investment Summit 2014
Annual Corporate Social Investment Summit hosted by the Civil Society Foundation of Namibia CSFN . Building on the highly successful past conferences the 3rd Annual CSI Summit promises to be more enlightening. The Annual CSI .. - 100%

19: be informed
What Keeps Security Professionals Up at Night? Their Users In pipeline with concerns about users, surety professionals are also worried astir endpoint security After all, this is where concerns astir protecting entry points and .. - 100%

20: Illinois Chamber of Commerce - Home
Members get valuable discounts on HR Illinois products and programs! Welcome to the Illinois Chamber of Commerce, the leading voice for business in Illinois! Doug Whitley May 2009 President's Message Illinois Energy to Jobs The - 100%


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