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1: Health Psychology and Rehabilitation Promoting Mental and Physical Health
Information, opinions and research about health psychology and rehabilitation - 100%

2: Amish Girl Emerging
Feeling is part of the beauty of living this experience. It is just when we get conditioned by certain beliefs that or feelings get distorted. But fear not, because distorted feeling can be undistorted! So this is why I share my .. - 100%

3: BleebDesign
Graphic Design, And Personal Artwork of Andres Blibeche. - 100%

4: pilot light initiative
Every year without exception, millions of us make new years resolutions. Swearing to give up some vice or another. I shall not smoke, I shall lose weight .we promise ourselves these things each year, as the new year begins. .. - 100%

5: momentary moments
Momentary Moments is an online public arts project about those apparently insignficant, yet perhaps important, moments within transient space and time - 100%

6: Pete Lefevre's Blog
Sundry Topics of Intrigue and Fascination - 100%

7: sarathlete Sara's passion for movement
Sara's passion for movement - 100%

8: RTsource.org evidence-based, clinical decision support for Respiratory Therapists
evidence-based, clinical decision support for Respiratory Therapists - 100%

9: tinfoiluniversity Public Educators at their finest
Public Educators at their finest - 100%

10: shared attention
The opinions or concepts contained within do not necessarily reflect my own views, nor do they represent any kind of implicit endorsement. I merely wish to direct your attention towards items of.. - 100%

11: Mind4Progress Discussing ideas, problems, and solutions
Welcome to mind4progress! The purpose of this blog is to discuss and develop ideas. What ideas exactly is difficult to categorize, as it depends on what I happen to find interesting to write about, and many topics which I am .. - 100%

12: intp.org
What is an INTP ? Join the INTP mailing list Join the INTP SETI group INTrePid A virtual plethora of tests - 100%

13: Groovymarlin.com Basically, just another blog
Everybody wants to drink more water, right? Stay hydrated, blah blah. I definitely feel better if I drink plenty of water, but I wasn t drinking enough at work, even though there are multiple, filtered water dispensers .. - 100%

14: Comments on Christianity Bloggers engaging the culture for Christ.
Bloggers engaging the culture for Christ. - 100%

15: Jacqueline Lacey
Photo used by permission of EXPRESSION Magazine, All Rights Reserved Jacqueline in her art studio with "Jackie" For questions or comments, please send email to visitor jacquelinelacey.com - 100%

16: Fearless Sexuality Educator
Sexuality education, without fear and with pleasure. 25 Jan 2012 Rules are meant to be broken At parent orientations and teacher trainings, I often get the chance to ask adults what they remember about the messages they received .. - 100%

17: bennyfletch's Recommended Dose
They say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself." - Andy Warhol Welcome to Recommended Dose by bennyfletch Let me take this moment to inform you of the main purpose of this site, it was intended to - 100%

18: Club CalExotics
Club CalExotics is a social network - 100%

19: Rachael Parks Blog
.. When one lie is told, it often needs to be covered up by more lies. If a liar feels like they might be found out, they ll typically come up with complex stories to attempt to convince you that they re telling the truth. These .. - 100%

20: Building the dream
Without action nothing get done. I have been combating inaction by creating an action items next steps list which just lists out the simplest next step I need to take towards my overall goals Taking risks - I m not too risk - 100%


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