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1: Mobile Platform for the Deskless Worker Inkling
Inkling is on a mission to transform the way people work. Our mobile platform brings policies and procedures to life for the deskless worker. - 100%

2: ICT4D with OneWorld
OneWorld UK explores the potential of information and communication technologies for development ICT4D , focusing on mobile applications in fragile states - 100%

3: Up Beat - Positive, Optimisitic, Inspiring Good News Stories
Affordable Luxury Real Estate on Samui, a tropical island paradise. ..Positive, Optimistic, Inspiring good news.. NEWS PRESS DONATE INFO US MAIL UpBeat is dedicated to promoting the positive, optimistic, and inspiring good news .. - 100%

4: IssueOne.com The Leading Issue One Site on the Net
This Domain is for sale IssueOne.com IssueOne.com Search Privacy Policy - 100%

5: Untitled Document
Barwick News Proof Proof - 100%

6: Clayton D. Dave Strand. Personal history and recollections.
The personal website of Clayton D. Strand. - 100%

7: Damon Payne Hand waving software architect
Imagine if the post office had to compete with FedEx to carry your mail? If my neighborhood garbage pickup was competitive would they stop losing the lid to my garbage can for fear of losing my business? Now imagine the very - 100%

8: The Title
Tunes, musings and the all too brief fleeting inspiration of a halfwit, scribbled clumsily on the back of an electronic cigarette packet. - 100%

9: Right to Bleed
Every time I read about new abortion legislation, I get a little twitchy. A list of states considering ultrasound-related abortion legistlation came across my desktop. It s from over a month ago, and I don t know if these - 100%

10: peakoilmatters.com - A fresh perspective on the concept of peak oil and the challenges we ...
Energy wars would flare. And carless suburbanites would trudge to their nearest big box stores, not to buy Chinese made clothing transported cheaply across the globe, but to scavenge glass and copper wire from abandoned - 100%

11: Molly-o-Matic The Photos and Stylings of Molly S. Anderson
all images copyright molly s anderson 2009 - 100%

12: Full Transparency - FULL TRANSPARENCY
360 video of political events and protests. - 100%

13: Home - VOK Radio
VOK Radio, Adnan Hassanpour a well-known Kurdish journalist released after 10 years in jail in Iran Adnan Hassanpour, a well-known Kurdish journalist and editor of now-defunct Kurdish-Persian weekly Aso has been released after .. - 100%

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