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Top: Recreation: Outdoors: Speleology
1: The Underwater Caves of El Jacinto Pat
The recently discovered Underwater Cave System of the El Jacinto Pat contains highly decorated virgin rooms beautifully photographed. The WebSite contains Full color maps, in 2D and 3D, Cave Diving, Jungle stories, and Adventure. .. - 100%

2: The Land Of Fire Ice
..The Land of Fire and Ice." Situated on the Continental Divide you walk through the twisted, old-growth Juniper, Fir and Ponderosa Pine trees, over the ancient lava trail to the Ice Cave. Here the natural layers of ice glisten .. - 100%

3: Home
Wondrous Tea fusions. Experience tea untamed. With varieties of herbs, botanicals, and flavors, Good Earth teas are exotic and unexpected. - 100%

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