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21: State of the Planet Map World Catastrophe Map
Let the End Times Roll Documents The Destruction And Plunder of The Planet In Preparation For The End Times, but also takes the view that there is something amusing in self destruction - 100%

22: Patuxent Conservation Corps
The Patuxent Conservation Corps, in cooperation with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources - Maryland Environmental Trust is a state approved Land Trust dedicated to the preservation and protection of Maryland's open .. - 100%

23: COAL STOP To protect our lives, lands, and waters from threats posed by fossil fuel ...
To protect our lives, lands, and waters from threats posed by fossil fuel industries. by Dena - 100%

24: Los Angeles Post Carbon
Los Angeles Post Carbon - 100%

25: dandagget.com Conservative Environmentalist EcoRadical No More
.. Merely about definitions?! In a very significant way it seems to me the answer is, Yes. What we call environmentalism maintains that the health of any collection of living things and their surroundings is determined by .. - 100%

26: Home page of - www.savetheweb.org
With a name like Harmful I was anticipating some severe tats, however simply a rather face. Picking a reduced pH soap to utilize on your pussy may seem odd at initially, yet it's very suggested-- and also you utilize various soaps .. - 100%

27: Home Southeast Mine Safety Health Conference
Are you interested in mining health and safety? If you answered yes, mark your calendar for the Annual Southeastern US Mine Safety and Health Conference. The audience will be addressed by keynote speakers from the health and .. - 100%

28: Protect Alaska Health Facts About Coal Your Health
Coal dust covers snow in Seward, Alaska. Photo by Russ Maddox, February 2010 Although abundant here, Alaskans do not rely on coal as a primary fuel source. Here in Alaska, we are increasingly looking for cleaner sources of energy .. - 100%

29: Frackfree America National Coalition - Frackfree America National Coalition
Frackfree America National Coalition for achieving United States free of high volume slickwater hydraulic fracturing of long lateral well bores from multi-well pads to extract methane and other hydrocarbons from tight shale .. - 100%

30: Tribal College Debate Program - Home
Montana is rich with economic, environmental, and land use policy debates. Many of these debates are centered on the Native American reservations in Montana. A program that allows for critical discourse about these controversies .. - 100%

31: Shayah Muller Yoga My Somewhat Yogic Lifestyle
My passions include yoga, travel, the environment, nutrition and food security, water resources, animals and wildlife. Many of which are actually world issues that affect every single living being on this earth! When I .. - 100%

32: Coal Rush by Lorena Luciano Filippo Piscopo
When a rural Appalachian community comes to believe that the illnesses that almost killed them may not be an act of God but of environmental wrongdoing, locals take on major coal company Massey Energy over contaminated water that .. - 100%

33: Abandoned Environment
Environmental pollution is on the rise due to adverse human activities, causing grave and irreparable damage to the earth. The preservation, restoration, or improvement of the natural environment is now the need of the hour - 100%

34: BHP Billiton Watch .an international network.
Action outside BHP Billiton's AGM in London, October 2016. Photo London Mining Network Action outside BHP Billiton s AGM in London, October 2016. Photo London Mining Network MEDIA RELEASE 17 November 2016 BHP Billiton s AGM .. - 100%

35: Home page Environmental Justice Foundation EJF
Brazil to wetlands in Cambodia. Our work is cost-efficient, dynamic, original and effective. Our work protects the grassroots by making their issues global. SIGN UP EJF in the media EJF Facebook EJF Instagram EJF Youtube EJF Vimeo .. - 100%

36: St. Vrain Valley Community Watchdogs - Colorado Residents Fighting for Air Quality
Click here to enter this site. Copyright 1998-2013 St. Vrain Valley Community Watchdogs All Rights Reserved. - 100%

37: Associated Recyclers of Wisconsin - Home
Associated Recyclers of Wisconsin - a 501 c 3 non-profit association that provides statewide proactive leadership on waste reduction and recycling through eduction, advocacy, collaboration, programs and services. - 100%

38: The Insanities of Humanity
There are too many insanities of humanity and the time has come to monitor and report them. You can help with this soon . 20151113 It is our moral obligation to work together, but we don't The 6th Ministerial Summit on .. - 100%

39: auckland coal action The Auckland campaign for a coal-free Aotearoa
The Auckland campaign for a coal-free Aotearoa by Auckland Coal Action - 100%

40: Foil Vedanta
Bill Gammell in 2006. In 2011, after gas was discovered in their Mannar block SL 2007-01-001, the value of shares skyrocketed and Cairn Energy sold them on at a highly inflated value to Vedanta Resources, a British-Indian .. - 100%


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