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1: Science AAAS
Vote for your scientific breakthrough of the year! Latest News Nov. 28, 2016 M. Khorasaninejad, W.T. Chen, A.Zhu, J.Oh, and R. Devlin Cyril Ruoso Minden Pictures An illustration of a woman peering through a microscope with a .. - 100%

2: Auditory Research Resource
Research in this laboratory is concerned with understanding the mechanisms by which the inner ear processes sound information. Research Computing Software Open source software developed to support auditory research. Human Research .. - 100%

3: Salvatore Loreto
The online personal website of Salvatore Loreto. research scientist in Ericsson Research within the Nomadiclab in Finland.. research interests Internet real-time and multimedia services and protocols.. involved in IETF .. - 100%

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