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1: Healthy Swinging
A discussion about the different concerns such as hygiene, sexually transmitted diseases, oral sex and alcohol and drugs when swinging. - 100%

2: WhoWhatWhy - Welcome
Glenn Greenwald discuss these and other questions. Le collecteur d'impots Categories Mindscape April 15, 2016 Assembled by Milicent Cranor Funny, Wise Quotations on Taxes Are you in pain from the IRS? Well, you re in good .. - 100%

3: elise schultheis creative
elise schultheis creative Work About Contact elise schultheis creative Work About Contact Work The Nature Conservancy Blog The Nature Conservancy Autodesk Customer Story Autodesk brand positioning for Mable Brush Mable Brush .. - 100%

4: Mothers for Nuclear
Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 9.34.37 PM.png "As a mother, you feel a responsibility to protect your children, and the planet they'll inherit." I am Kristin Zaitz I am a co-founder of Mothers for Nuclear and mom to Oliver and Kate. I .. - 100%

5: Greenwood
a depository of curiosities from psychology, ecology, and agriculture. - 100%

6: Paddles Project
Stories of struggle, triumph, pain, happiness, wisdom and experience. Stories of what it was to be Indigenous, and lessons for what it is to be human. The paddles have gone to 21 countries around the world to continue sharing the .. - 100%

7: Back To Cradle Web Site To Promote Re-integration With Mother Nature
Back To Cradle is a web site for promotion of man's re-integration and synchronization with Mother Nature, an attempt to find our roots lost in the concrete jungle - 100%

8: Environmentalism is fascism
This site compares both the similarities between environmentalism and fascism and the connections between environmentalism and modern fascistic, or archconservative, individuals and groups - 100%

9: Anpetu was'te
..Good day This is the website for the Tatanka Wakpala Buffalo Creek water and land restoration project. Decades ago, the United States government created reservations in an attempt to control both people and nature. However, in .. - 100%

10: Things we need to know about
keeping America informed What is happening to our Children's education - 100%

11: AstralStar Productions New Millennium Gateway
The New Age of Earth-friendly and Sustainable Products and Services by Commercial and Non-profit Groups. Space Age Hydroponics, Borealis Solar Eco-Village, the New Millennium in Egypt Tour, Sustainable Development, Millennium .. - 100%

12: Comedy Confidential
Australia we are still fighting the clean feed. Now it's Americas turn to fight their equivalent. Read up on this at American Censorship Here is some further reading Australia The Electronic Frontier Foundation Australia No Clean .. - 100%

13: www.darlynthomas.com
Welcome to the Curiosity Portal Thomas Hardy Short Stories Wisconsin Communicator Articles Save the Northern Hairy-Nosed Wombats! - 100%

14: Good Eggs Organic Grocery Delivery San Francisco Bay Area
Shop local, organic produce, meat fish, and delicious groceries for free delivery in the San Francisco Bay Area, including Palo Alto, Berkeley, and Marin. - 100%

15: Cory Morgan ranting and raving
The facts will win in the end not to mention economic reality . March 1st, 2011 Over the years we have seen nothing less than a barrage of hyperbole and outright untruths spread about the development of Alberta s oilsands. .. - 100%

16: Alamos Wildlands Alliance
Organ Pipe Cactus reaches its highest density anywhere. We hope to protect what is left of this exceptional and important part of the world, now under siege from agricultural development and aquaculture. What We Do In the ten .. - 100%

17: Science of Cycles Your 1 News Source for Earth Science, Space Weather, and Ancient Text
Axial Seamount, off the coast of Oregon. Unlike the earlier East Pacific Rise eruption, this one was studied in real time with an assortment of instruments. Among the data produced were recordings of violent popping noises that .. - 100%

18: SureShot POST a Platform for Creative Writers and Poets
SureShot POST provides a platform for budding talented poets and writers to reach out to the world. Visit and post to post sureshotpost.com - 100%

19: YouTube - One Hungry Planet
Sign In or Sign Up now! Alert icon Subscribed Loading.. Loading.. Alert icon Upgrade to Flash Player 10 for improved playback performance. Upgrade Now or More Info. close 57,982 Like Add to Share Embed Short URL Email MySpace .. - 100%

20: Decolonial Food For Thought.
Decolonial Food For Thought.. A Local Response to the Globalization of Food, Taste Disease Pages Writings Bookshelf Community Food Projects Thursday, February 18, 2010 La COMIDA en Rebeldia Since the attempted gastronomic - 100%


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