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1: AR15.Com - Your Firearm Resource. AR-15, AR-10, M4 Carbine, M16, H K, SIG, FNH, FAL, ...
AR15.Com - Your Firearm Resource. AR-15, AR-10, M4 Carbine, M16, H K, SIG, FNH, FAL, AK-47, 50 Cal, M1 M1A, Handgun, Pistol, Training, Hunting, and More! - 100%

2: Home Page
This site is a collection of pictures of tanks from WW II to the present. All major countries are included. Information such as specifications and remarks are included for each tank. All photographs were taken at the Aberdeen .. - 100%

3: Crowd Fund For Life
Order your pre-sale copy today! First two chapters will be emailed with every pre-order! Slide background Copyright 2014. CrowdFundForLife.com - 100%

4: Violence Policy Center
..Black homicide rate in Missouri, U.S. should be a call to action for everyone to value people more and reduce gun violence, March 4, 2016 Click here for a full list of articles citing the VPC sign up ABOUT About the VPC Press .. - 100%

5: www.handguncontrol.org
- 100%

6: Coalition to Stop Gun Violence - The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence seeks to secure ...
The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence seeks to secure freedom from gun violence through research, strategic engagement and effective policy advocacy. - 100%

7: Sean Bissell for VP of Academic Affairs
Sean Bissell and I am from Blacksburg, Virginia. I have been involved with Duke Student Government since getting on campus and currently am a Senator for Academic Affairs. I have found it incredibly rewarding and exciting to .. - 100%

8: A Sane Policy for Gun Control
Analysis, source materials, legal rulings, refutations and a sane and sensible policy for gun control in the United States - 100%

9: DeadEyeLuke.Com
See our updated show schedule! With the rate of crime rising and threats coming from both foreign and domestic terrorists, we need to take care of ourselves and our loved ones. That is what DeadEyeLuke.com is all about. My goal is .. - 100%

10: CCW LAS VEGAS Classes for a Nevada CCW permit now enrolling in Las Vegas, NV
CCW Las Vegas provides the required Nevada CCW permit class. To enroll call 702-475-4078. The class covers Nevada gun laws and gun safety. - 100%

11: Radio Broadcast Show Live - Lea Unleashed - Greeley, Co
Haunted hotels, restaurant ruckuses and concealed carry!! 11 06 about lea. 10 30 Vocal Voucherists, Gangs and Guns. Spookin' Cra zy Unleashing Education 104.7 FM. 3 pm Fridays. reality radio. intimate conversations. totally .. - 100%

12: NJGuns
Visit Caso's Gun-A-Rama for great deals on Firearms! click here. US Supreme Court confirms an individual's right to keep and bear arms! DOJ The 2nd Amendment is an individual right! The Armed and Responsible Citizen NJ Gun Forums - 100%

13: Florida Suicide Cleanup
Florida Suicide Cleanup. - 100%

14: South Florida Gun School Firearm Training
South Florida Gun School is committed to providing safety, knowledge, and skills to you in an easy, understandable training format. - 100%

15: Permit to Carry Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, Wisconsin and Utah - Conceal Carry
Rusty Ramirez - certified Minnesota, Florida Permit to Carry, Iowa Permit to Carry, North Dakota Permit to Carry, Wisconsin Permit to Carry, Utah Permit to Carry Conceal Carry NRA Instructor. Advanced Carry NRA pistol - 100%

16: Professional Safety Training. CT Pistol Permit Training
CT Pistol Permit Training. Welcome to Professioanl Safety Training, Also your MA and Utah, Pistol Permit Training. In addition we also teach VT. Snowmobile Safety classes and First Aid, - CPR - AED for the Home and Business. Our .. - 100%

17: Professional Safety Training LLC. Middlefield, CT. 06455 Your location for CT Pistol ...
Welcome to Professioanl Safety Training LLC. Your home to CT Pistol Permit Training, also your MA and Utah, Pistol Permit Training. In addition we also teach VT. Snowmobile Safety classes and First Aid, - CPR - AED for the Home .. - 100%

18: Kansas Department of Health and Environment Safe Kids Kansas
Kansas Safe Kids,Safe Kids,prevention,Coalition,preventable injury,progress report,regional organizations,Events Calendar - 100%

19: South Texas Marksmanship Training Center - Welcome
Membership payments are due ! CLICK HERE to renew, apply or UPGRADE online NOW ! CLICK HERE FOR OUR CURRENT RAFFLE The South Texas Marksmanship Training Center, Inc. STMTC was established as a Texas Corporation in March, 2003. .. - 100%

20: Families Allies of Virginia's Youth
Site of Families Allies of Virginia's Youth, providing information on juvenile justice issues for families and youth. Our mission is to support and empower families and youth involved in the justice system, and to advocate for .. - 100%


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