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21: Ronnie Asbell - Puppetronics
..Hands On" Traveling Exhibition of Life-Sized Marionettes. The public is invited to pull the strings and become the puppeteer. The installation can have anywhere from ten to fifty puppets and can be set up in any size space. This .. - 100%

22: Ersent.org Library of internet knowledge
Siirry sis lt n Ersent.org Library of internet knowledge Valikko Ensisijainen valikko Julkaistu 17.1.2017 Kirjoittaja Arnold Ero deittailun ja vakavan suhteen v lill Treffit ja suhde ovat kaksi suosituinta ehdot n in .. - 100%

23: Issachar Ber Ryback
Issachar Ber Ryback" and free excess internet site . Our goals are Collaboration with Museums , Universities, Collectors ,Scholars and other individuals and institutions , to make the art of Issachar Ryback and his legacy .. - 100%

24: Arkansas Arts Center's 12th National Drawing Invitational
Description of your Site - 100%

25: www.animeoku.com
- 100%

26: mao-art.com
- 100%

27: Dan Axon
Bank holiday giveaway! Like and share this link by 10pm tomorrow and the Twelve Twelve Hundreds page of course! .. http t.co qMPlq9kaSr Stylish pair of 1200's commissioned by Earworm Records, York. http t.co tUPVzhaW94 Quick .. - 100%

28: Bird Carrot
Artistic Director Alexandrina Markvo. B C develops collaborative projects with world famous and emerging Russian artists, and supports their freedom of artistic expression. Our primary focus is to ensure that the most interesting .. - 100%

29: www.drouinsolutions.com
Working for the clients right now, we'll get to our page later. If you need to contact us call 248-238-2460 or email me chris drouinsolutions.com - 100%

30: Bill - a short film by Jason E Johnson Main Page
the official website for the short film Bill 2010 - 100%

31: the Los Angeles Motorcycle Museum Initiative - welcome to the Los Angeles Motorcycle ...
welcome to the Los Angeles Motorcycle Museum - 100%

32: Joseph De Mario
My Dance My Dance Joseph De Mario visual artist and curator Post Office Box 481099 Los Angeles, CA 90048-9699 mail josephdemario.com www.jazzbakery.org BAE Christmas Surrender Christmas Surrender High Wire High Wire Downy Soft - 100%

33: Laura Couttie
Should I try it harder? Splitting Image WRITING ABOUT CURATING Um..titled No Place Like Home Winter Through a South Facing Window Sundial marking the passage of time Settings Luke Hand Trope Still Emerging Should I try it .. - 100%

34: bangertprojects
concepts and production of virtual showrooms, media installations, museum exhibitions, brand environments, innovative digital communication. - 100%

35: Ballao Construction Industry Standards Best practices in the construction industry
March at Exhibition Place in Toronto. The event is scheduled to run from Friday March 14th to Sunday March 28th. Max Guerra and the rest of the team will be there to talk about the new product lines, the benefits of metal roofing .. - 100%

36: Ueberschwarz - News
..Archiv Ulm, and runs from the 10th April to 25th October 2015. More information about the Exhibition is available in German and English. More information about 12 Gegenst nde is available from the Publisher avedition, in German .. - 100%

37: Simone Deleon-Pina
Violinist Teacher Collaborator Simone Deleon-Pina is an avid free-lance violinist and teacher in the greater Los Angeles area. Explore this site to find out more about her inspirations, projects, and background in violin. .. - 100%

38: The Girl With The Big Hair
First post, one of the many shows. August 6th, 2009 Not of the many but of the plenty! I m stoked to see these dudes again. The Powerchords The Powerchords will be playing Sunday, August 9th 2009. The power-chords Playing - 100%

39: exchange exhibition HELLO WORLD
HELLO WORLD is an exchange exhibition between Hannover and San Francisco in October 2014. The international art exhibition deals with the theme of globalized conversation in a digital century. HELLO WORLD is traditionally the the .. - 100%

40: uncurated exhibitions
art exhibitions reviewed,Fiona Banner Wp Wp Wp discussions with artists to dismantle and uncurate the archive and re-arrange the simulcra, art-writings, art-projects and art-ideas of Rozemin Keshvani - 100%


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