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1: Womenfolk The Art of Quilting Patterns History
Welcome to the creative world of quilting including quiltmaking history, quilt patterns and highlights about quilts quilters. - 100%

2: WWWomen.com! Search Directory for Women Online!
The premier search directory for women with comprehensive links on all topics relevant to women. - 100%

3: www.moondance.org
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4: She Will Be Well
Empowering working women. Empowering African American Women. - 100%

5: Caleb Semeri
The brief for Cucina Coloseo was to redesign their current packaging. Cucina Coloseo wanted to appeal to a high end market. In my research I found that a lot of high end products use sharp and less organic shapes. They re .. - 100%

6: My Call to Action
Mia Farrow, click here. Ray Zahab extreme athlete and activist from a 7500 km epic marathon across the Sahara in 111 days, to a walking snowshoe 1100 km south-pole trek, Ray is the master of obliterating the limits dedicated - 100%

7: Kelly Ryan - doing the write thing - Home
..Let your dreams outgrow the shoes of your expectations." -- Ryunosuke Satoro There once was a girl who thought she could write.. And so she did! About.. Welcome! "While we have the gift of life, it seems to me the only tragedy .. - 100%

8: The Considerate Cat Considers. - About Us
The Considerate Cat Considers.. About Us Eating What You Believe Ethics Without Religion Aging With Grace Ponderings My relationships with my cats has saved me from a deadly, pervasive ignorance. William S. Burroughs The .. - 100%

9: Kori A. Winters - Home
The official website of blogger, editor and rising author Kori A. Winters. - 100%

10: Grief Unfurled An art and design magazine collecting grief and resilience in the art and ...
..Everyone kept telling me I had to talk about it. Talk talk talk talk talk! That s all anyone ever said. But Alyssa explains that for her, it was hands-on creativity that allowed her to express herself more fully than support .. - 100%

11: 1PM DAILY - The Real Voice of Today's Real People
The Real Voice of Today's Real People - 100%

12: Adele Kathleen Adana s Almost Weeping Eyes
Adana s published book encompasses different subjects that will delight readers who appreciate poetry. - 100%

13: Alejandra Valera Writer and Filmmaker - Home
Alejandra Valera is a Chicago-based freelance writer and filmmaker. - 100%

14: Andrea Frankenfeld - A writing portfolioAndrea Frankenfeld A writing portfolio
A writing portfolio - 100%

15: Kamila Forson Copyeditor, proofreader aspiring novelist
Good copy editors are liberally educated and culturally literate. They know a foreign language or two, are reasonably numerate, and have traveled a bit. If you listen to music, read novels, raise pets or children or vegetables, .. - 100%

16: Hayley Nicole
That Model girl - 100%

17: Relinqwish
You disappeared one day. You took your brilliant words and perfectly timed guitar taps and the ends of my sentences away. And I haven't heard back. Meanwhile children have grown, and more people have moved away. Some have since .. - 100%

18: www.unspokenthoughtsofaman.com
A man's viewpoint on love with invaluable advice for both men and women. It is a mature conversation about how real love should manifest itself in a relationship. It is designed to improve relations between men and woman by .. - 100%

19: Mona Lake Jones Home
Official site for author, poet, orator, Mona Lake Jones. - 100%

20: Psyched Magazine - Psyched in San Francisco - Therapy
Psyched Magazine has over 40 psychotherapists and counselors writing about wellness, relationships, couples, parenting and more. - 100%


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