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1: Loyal to the Truth
The Richard III Foundation, Inc. Loyal to the Truth Latest News Richard III Wars of the Roses The 15th Century Questions - WOTR Sales Merchandise King Richard III No monarch in history has been so maligned and slandered as Richard .. - 100%

2: Knighthood, Chivalry Tournaments Resource Library
Please welcome our new editor for this section, Lisa Lieder! John Chamberlain has a new article relating to knighthood, the text of a class given for an introductary course on knighthood.. The website Chronique.com is temporarily .. - 100%

3: www.horde.com
- 100%

4: Resident Medieval
Resident Medieval a team blog that catalogs thoughts on medieval literature, culture, and the reintroduction of medievalisms in new media. - 100%

5: An American Couple in Delft
Essays, pictures, and videos by an American couple living in Europe about living in a different country and culture - 100%

6: Home - Eme's Compendium
This is a collection of my interests projects within the SCA. I'm very interested in Youth and Children Activities as well as Retention and Recruitment Activities Office of the Chatelain . - 100%

7: An American Couple in Delft
Essays, pictures, and videos by an American couple living in Europe about living in a different country and culture - 100%

8: Gorsedd Home Page
Gorsedd is the mailing list and household of bards in northern Oaken, Middle Kingdom, Society for Creative Anachronism - 100%

9: SCAtoday.net Your Independent Source of News from the Current Middle Ages
Just how bad were the Vikings? Historians have debated the issue for decades. In a feature article for National Geographic by Christopher Shea, Yale history professor Anders Winroth, author of The Age of the Vikings, argues that .. - 100%

10: Keepers of Athena's Thimble - Home Page
The Keepers of Athena's Thimble - 100%

11: Chirurgeon's Point
Many Changes Underway! At the conclusion of Pennsic 44 Aug 10, 2015 , the Chirurgeonate ceased to exist as an official office of the SCA. In true Chirurgeon Spirit, we continue to serve the Popluace as an independant Guild. .. - 100%

12: Aidan Blake
Aidan Blake Interests Aidan Blake Aidan Blake Interests Aidan Blake 4Y41FHe.jpg 4Y41FHe.jpg Top YouTube Instagram Twitter Facebook Powered by Squarespace - 100%

13: Kingdom of AEthelmearc
Welcome to the Society of Creative Anachronism's Kingdom of AEthelmearc website. The SCA is a medieval recreation group and the Kingdom of AEthelmearc includes central and western New York, central and western Pennsylvania, and .. - 100%

14: Shire of Marion Glen
Welcome to the Shire of Marion Glen, good Gentles! The Shire of Marion Glen is a branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism SCA . Our lands encompass southern areas in the state of Georgia, from Americus to Columbus, and have .. - 100%

15: Spare Time Temptations
Medieval Reenactment Have I found my people? Have I found my people? Preparation and realities of my first medieval reenactment event For quite a few years now I have been looking for an outlet for my crafting, something that .. - 100%

16: www.khevron.net
- 100%

17: Clan Die Fledermaus - Liber Vespertilionis
Liber Vespertilionis - The Clan Die Fledermaus Site. - 100%

18: Noe College Welcome
Noe College is the chapter of the SCA Society for Creative Anachronism at Cal State University Long Beach CSULB , an educational, non-profit 501 3 c society dedicated to the study and recreation of the Middle Ages. - 100%

19: Calontir Fyrd
This is the website of the Order of Iren Fyrd of Calontir - 100%

20: Welcome to GoldenStag.net
Golden Stag dot net -- a mix of things from SCA to dBASE - 100%


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