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1: www.coolwomen.org
.. - 100%

2: Connecticut History on the Web
Welcome to Connecticut History on the Web. This site is devoted to providing history and social studies teachers and their students with materials and lessons on various topics on Connecticut history. You may select from the .. - 100%

3: New York's New Abolitionists
.. The Office of Children and Family Services OCFS 5.5 million children a year are victims of forced labor, and the average age girls are recruited by pimps into prostitution is 12 to 14, so clearly human trafficking can have an .. - 100%

4: Susan B. Anthony - The Invincible!
One-act play about Susan B. Anthony,- Who is like Anthony today?19thc. leader in temperance, abolition, woman suffrage. Collaborated with Elizabeth Cady Stanton to form the National Woman s Suffrage Assoc. and to travel across .. - 100%

5: Northeast Peace and Justice Action Conference
Click for more information. Emergency Mobilization Against Racism and Anti-Islamic Bigotry We say NO to Racism and anti-Islamic Bigotry Stand for Unity and Solidarity on Saturday, September 11 Sept. 11 march against racism and .. - 100%

6: Sojourner Truth Organization 1969-1985 - Digital Archive
A digital archive of the works of the revolutionary group Sojourner Truth Organization. - 100%

7: The Take A Stand Project
Shop Donate Our Stand Who Are We Supporting? Shop DonateOur StandWho Are We Supporting? The Take A Stand Project Give the gift of diversity. Buy a scarf and we will donate 100% of the profit. "The ability to tell your own .. - 100%

8: Eisenhower Memorial
The Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial will inspire future generations with the 34th President s devotion to public service, leadership, integrity, and democracy. - 100%

9: Bell Witch Truth Book Revealing The Bell Witch Cave Truth
A Revealing Look into the Truth of the Bell Witch Cave and about the book Bell Witch Truth Exposed. - 100%

10: Inspiring Wo-Men Business Club
Inspiring Woman of the Year, Top Company for Gender Equality, inspiring women, women leadership, diversity, gender equality, European Forum on Best Practices in Gender Equality, Clara Moraru, Woman Inspiring Europe, Inspiring .. - 100%

11: Writing Roughshod Travelers. Artists. Activists. Women.
Travelers. Artists. Activists. Women. - 100%

12: Home
Together we will see Juneteenth become a national holiday in America!" WHAT IS JUNETEENTH? Juneteenth or June 19, 1865, is celebrated as the date when enslavement ended in America. Although the rumors of freedom were widespread - 100%

13: Home
Together we will see Juneteenth become a national holiday in America!" WHAT IS JUNETEENTH? Juneteenth or June 19, 1865, is celebrated as the date when enslavement ended in America. Although the rumors of freedom were widespread - 100%

14: Friends of the Women s Rights National Park
The Friends of Women s Rights National Historical Park, Inc. is a Seneca Falls based, not-for-profit organization committed to raising awareness and funds to insure that the Park will to continue the work of achieving equal .. - 100%

15: Season Ellison, Nobility Ranch - Unfortunately due to current Arizona Laws, Dr. Ellison is ...
Photograph by Season Ellison, PhD-ESMT-CMT - 100%

16: www.9-hiroshima.org
9 - 100%

17: The Traveling Stage Company
See this Go Daddy InstantPage ! http thetravelingstagecompany.com. Get yours free with a domain name at GoDaddy.com. Living Biographies of Famous Women in History! Travel back in time and 'meet' the remarkable women who helped .. - 100%

18: elizabethslegacy.com - Missing People Unsolved Cases
She left a party in Katy, Texas, with a man she didn't know. Although she went to the party with several friends, she chose to leave with a Read More.. Featured Stories Elizabeth Ann Pfeifer Keeping a Missing Persons Case .. - 100%

19: Women in History
Women have always been in history, they just haven't been recorded in history. This website tells you about some fantastic women and their remarkable contributions to history. You will find that we come from a long line of .. - 100%

20: The Official Susan B. Anthony House Home
Home artifacts of Susan B. Anthony in Rochester, NY. Museum and National Historic Landmark of the champion of suffrage, abolition, temperance and equal rights. The 19th Amendment granting women the right to vote was credited to .. - 100%


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