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1: Welcome to Transparency
Transparency tries to make all of popular culture transparent to our understanding. It reveals the hidden meanings in TV, film, sci-fi, theme parks, virtual realities, politics, advertising and news. - 100%

2: Art Bardige's Website Unifying Art Science
Can we finally get rid of the long division algorithm? Share this Print Facebook LinkedIn Tumblr Google Twitter Like this Like Loading.. Mathematics How our 1,000-year-old math curriculum cheats America s kids Link March 3, .. - 100%

3: Welcome Quantum Age Dave Higgins
Quantum Age uses principles from modern science to create a framework for understanding today's world. - 100%

4: Daily Practice of Joy
But I used to be this little joyful girl. Where did she go? I go around the world talking about my dad a man, I ve come to realize, who knew how to give and get joy, who lived it and shared it with everyone he met. I go .. - 100%

5: akis kokkinos
. .. - 100%

6: The 1000 Things Projects
Not sure what to say or where this will appear.. - 100%

7: UrBan Philosophy Imhotep A. Fatiu
Imhotep Fatiu is the creator of UrBan Philosophy and is the 1st UrBan Philosopher. Starting in 1997 as - 100%

8: Center for Integral Science
Integral Science - An expansive understanding of science as a way of knowing reality in its most profound depths using our entire range of experience and capacities for apprehending truth. - 100%

9: painting by instinct Artist C J Hollins Modern Art Theory
Inside my mind I hear the call of a old mournful animal. A long lost creature who once showed my distant ancestors the world through bestial instincts. This creature has been passed down to me in the genes that structure my .. - 100%

10: Kurt Johmann s Homepage Science, History, Politics
The idea that we are composed of more than just the physical matter of our bodies is a very old idea. More recently, thanks to the advent of computers and computer programs, reality can be understood as computer generated. In .. - 100%

11: Orgone Blasters - Sherry Shriner
Stop Chemtrails! Our Orgone Blasters have multiple uses and can protect you against chemtrails, aliens, UFO abductions, demons, night terror, mind control and much more! - 100%

12: Black and Intellectual
This blog is for the enlightened and self-aware or those looking for it. As I searched around the internet, I was stunned by the lack of content with the right mix of everything I was looking for. Politics, metaphysics, science .. - 100%

13: Welcome to rajele.net
Arte Ocupa Lisboa Paris.. e tambem Hamburgo 2010 Voltage Controlled Sound Project Film Festival for Films On Art since 2008 Vipulamati Ample Intelligence, Association for the creative use of the new media since 2005 .. - 100%

14: Philosophy over Science
Ideas matter either we control ideas or they control us. The most important ideas are those about fundamental issues what exists, what we are, and how we should live. They determine how we interpret reality. False ideas .. - 100%

Ex-Model turned Law Student raising the issues you were afraid to bring up The Fashion Industry and Social Justice, Body Image and Eating Disorder Recovery, the Media, Feminism and Gender Equality, and some pretty photography .. - 100%

16: Jennifer Campbell
portfolio About CV Contact Menu Jennifer Campbell portfolio About CV Contact Milking It Milking It String House String House Point No Point Point No Point Unbridled Unbridled Rainbow Rainbow Eruption Eruption Precipitate .. - 100%

17: Some Jerk Says
Homepage for comedian and filmmaker Joe The Sicilian! - 100%

18: Kem Stone's Homepage
I am travelling the world and immersing myself in different cultures, writing about life from the three different perspectives through which I see it personal, political, and philosophical. - 100%

19: Genius Code
Asks the question what would have happened had Einstein devoted his thought experiments instead of to atomic science, to neuroscience. - 100%

20: Nudiefish
A blog about Australian politics, media, culture and history. - 100%


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