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21: Accion Systems A New Ion Engine
Accion develops advanced electric propulsion for nano-, micro-, and miniature satellites. - 100%

22: Mars Astronautics Science Technologies
Houston space advocacy organization dedicated to advocacy of the human exploration and settlement of Mars. - 100%

23: Home
Mars is around 56 million kilometers away. The Apollo crew have the record for the furthest manned mission ever at 400,171 kilometers. This distanced was recorded in April of 1970. If Mars is to be reached and a crew to arrive .. - 100%

24: Freeluna.com - homepage
Introducing Space Icons, a way for freeluna.com to acquire desperately needed funds and to give people realistic, space-related desktop icons for their computers. Space Icons started out as a development experiment for me using .. - 100%

25: NASA Space Weather Home
Goddard Space Flight Center. The website and application were designed and developed by Ideum. About Timeline Download Acknowledgements - 100%

26: Fitzonesia.com
Fitzonesia.com is a World of Information Technology and Health that provides benefits to its readers. Established In 2016 - 100%

27: Tiny News Series
They weigh about 500 kg. The three Indian satellites are Cartosat-2 series, weighing 730 kg as primary payload, and INS-IA and INS-1B, weighing 30 kg. Setting a record in its space programme, ISRO in June had successfully launched .. - 100%

28: Rashtra Bhakt
Indian Navy in another 3-4 years. INS Arihant Nuclear The advanced tech vessel weighs close to 6000 tonnes and is a nuclear powered ballistic missile submarine. Again part of our Indian Navy since 2009. Pinaka Multi Launch Rocket .. - 100%

29: Moon Exploration and Science News
MOONDAILY.com brings you daily news on our Moon and various lunar science issues - 100%

30: Public Access America
Laser Ranging Retroreflector. During the exploration, the two astronauts were to gather samples of lunar-surface materials for return to Earth. They also were to extensively photograph the lunar terrain, the deployed scientific .. - 100%

31: Decoys of militari technics - Rusbal
Decoys of military technics. The English language. This site is about dummies of arms and military equipment made by Rusbal RPC, Moscow, Russia. There is information about pneumatic dummies, flat decoys and radar reflectors at the .. - 100%

32: Clearance Film
Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 2.17.16 AM.png About SOLAR Space Orbit and Lunar Aeronautic Repair, or SOLAR, has been America's largest private space contractor since 1993. Its mission is advancing man's grasp on space and our .. - 100%

33: HOME
This site was designed to be viewed in internet explorer. This is the personal site for Joshua Stephenson, a graduate of Georgia Tech in aerospace engineering. Within you will find information about my academic experience and - 100%

34: Curiosity Rover Video - Curiosity Rover Mars - Mars Curiosity Rover - ...
Curiosity Rover on Mars will give us feedback whether or not the planet will become the next Earth! - 100%

35: Space Exploration and Space Commerce articles by Donald
The known is finite, the unknown is infinite intellectually we stand on an islet in the midst of an illimitable ocean of inexplicability. Our business in every generation is to reclaim a little more land." -- Thomas Huxley. - 100%

36: ISA Aerospace
Sign up with your email address to receive news and updates. First Name Last Name Email Address Follow Us Standby for launch. - 100%

37: www.goodsoldiers.org
- 100%

38: MAF Extermal Tank
Michoud Assembly Facility and the External Tank You are Visitor Last update 7 14 10 About This Site People, Places, and Things at MAF random photos MAF Areas photos of people from specific areas Lockheed Martin MAF .. - 100%

39: Ad Astra Contraptions
Design, engineering, and rocket science. - 100%

40: Jason Gerend's Technology Blog Commercial spaceflight, technology and other interesting ...
Congratulations SpaceX on another successful Falcon 9 launch! The Dragon is in orbit and all systems are nominal, with successful solar panel deployment and absolute GPS lock obtained. Watching the Falcon 9 light up the sky on its .. - 100%


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