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1: Raymer's Aircraft Design RDS site
Aircraft Conceptual Design resources for industry, academia, and research of airplane and spacecraft design, including the textbook AIRCRAFT DESIGN A Conceptual Approach, the RDS design software, the book Simplified Aircraft .. - 100%

2: Homepage of Vagabond light aircraft
logo etruria The Vagabond Family of new aircraft A new touring aircraft, faster and incomparably more fuel efficient Designed by Dr. Alex Mazzoni The Three Lifting Surface Concept The Etruria E200 Vagabond The Etruria E200TC .. - 100%

3: www.shot.com
- 100%

4: ViGYAN - Aerospace Research and Development - Snapshot - News
Advanced aeronautics, wind tunnel, engineering, and computer technology services. Award-winning small business serving U.S. Federal and commercial clients. - 100%

5: ModelWerks
machine shop, wind tunnel models, hydro tank models, machining, foam machining, tooling, fixtures, prototyping, 5 axis machining, cnc machining, compression mold, fiberglass layups, short-run production, cad drafting, model maker - 100%

6: SoarTech
Virginia Beach VA 23451 U.S.A. Email hstokely at gmail.com Content Updated December 13th 2013 Technical publications of interest to designers of model aircraft, wind turbines, remote piloted vehicles, hydrofoils and others with .. - 100%

7: www.howfliesthealbatross.com
Flight Without Fuel Regen. Elec. Flight Feasibility, SAE Regenerative Electric Flight Rotor Motor Synergy, AIAA Aircraft Energy Gain From an Atmosphere in Motion, AIAA Principles of High-efficiency Electric Flight, AIAA .. - 100%

8: www.philbarnes.com
Flight Without Fuel Regen. Elec. Flight Feasibility, SAE Regenerative Electric Flight Rotor Motor Synergy, AIAA Aircraft Energy Gain From an Atmosphere in Motion, AIAA Aircraft Practical Parametric Geometry with EXCEL VB .. - 100%

9: Home Vicphysics
Home - 100%

10: Welcome to AeroArts
AeroArts LLC 310 548-0927 info AeroArts.com 2010 AeroArts LLC intro project showcase current projects research members - 100%

11: The screw propellers and Wings website Heliciel.com
screw PROPELLER WING propellers wings calculation software Heliciel - 100%

12: Atlee Cunningham - Home
States Airforce, NASA and the National Aerospace Laboratory Netherlands . In addition to his contributions, he has worked as a professor for several different universities around the world. Dr. Cunningham s expertise has been .. - 100%

13: Engineering Design Eagle Aviation Technologies LLC Hampton, VA
Fully equipped Precision Machine Shop and Quality Assurance Department. Call us to day for more information. 757-262-0445 - 100%

14: Simulation-to-Flight 1 STF-1
.. Partnership SSTP , consists of a large cluster of small IMUs. By employing this IMU swarm, STF-1 is able to overcome existing flight-ready obstacles such as size, weight, and power SWaP constraints caused by SmallSats. LEARN .. - 100%

15: SpaceFleet
Spacefleet - 100%

16: IMAV 2012 Home
multiflex4 - 100%

17: Home
What is flight data analysis? How can I reduce maintenance costs and downtime? How can I improve safety? How can I maximize efficiency? How can I optimize training? News GE Aviation Acquires Austin Digital, Inc - Press Release .. - 100%

18: CHT Aviation-
Aviation specializes in utility and predator control flight operations. Specifically supporting ranchers to control wild hogs and other predators. In a nutshell we fly over ranches with an armed crewmember professional hunter to .. - 100%

19: S-Plane Automation Pty Ltd. Home
S-Plane Automation is a control and automation system product development and supply company. Particularly, we specialise in the integration, control and automation of unmanned vehicle systems as well as precision electrical .. - 100%

20: Brenda Kulfan
Brenda Kulfan is a aerodynamic engineer from Seattle Washington. Her career at Boeing has spanned 45 years and has produced many documentations and research on aerodynamic engineering, including a thourough knowledge base of the .. - 100%


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