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1: Welcome to Dairyman.com
Dairy cows are cool weather animals PDF . Loss of milk production due to heat stress varies from 8 to 30% based upon various University studies of dairies in the Southeast. Not only is milk lost, but reproduction and overall herd .. - 100%

2: Heat Watch
Monitor Boilers and Utilities So You Don't Have To. Get Started Why Heat Watch? image description Heat Watch's team of boiler management staff, and advanced software, calibrate, watch, and adjust your boilers 24 7 365. The result .. - 100%

3: MooMilk - A Dynamic Adventure Into The Dairy Industry - Cows, Games, Education More
Fun and educational site about cows with cow and milk with facts, games, recipes, and contests. DairyBiz archive of articles about Dairy Management, Herd Management and Health Issues. - 100%

4: Hoard's Dairyman Home Page Hoards Dairyman
Hoard's Dairyman, the national dairy farm magazine, was established in 1885 and continues to be the leading dairy magazine. Articles featured include genetics, reproduction, nutrition, milk quality, crops and forages, animal .. - 100%

5: Dairy Infotech
How Does Curiosity Impact Our Studies On Other Planets? Curiosity Will It Discover Mars History? One Small Step for Man One Giant Leap for Satellite Internet Five New Technological Devices Implemented Into The Military Can .. - 100%

6: Meadow Gold
Home Community Events Healthy Lifestyles Lani Moo in the School Products About Us Careers Donations Meadow Gold and Me Magazine Contact Us Milk Viva Dairy Premium Ice Cream Ice Cream Sherbets Novelty Bars Frozen .. - 100%

7: Troxel Dairy Farm
Troxel Dairy Farm is located in Northwest Indiana and is owned by Dr. Tom Troxel and his wife LuAnn Troxel. They have operated both a dairy farm and large animal veterinary clinic at the same location for over 30 years. - 100%

8: Dayspring Dairy
Welcome to Dayspring Dairy! Alabama s Original Sheep Dairy and makers of farmstead sheep milk cheeses. - 100%

9: Safe and Wholesome Milk Production Since 1903, Mount Horeb, WI
Safe and Wholesome Milk Production Since 1903, Mount Horeb, WI - 100%

10: Hoof and Horn LaMancha Dairy Goats
Hoof Horn, SHADY LAWN DENALI BERLIN, hoof and horn, LaMancha, lamanchas, dairy, goats Florida, web design, farm, ranch, or business. - 100%

11: smalldairy
What is Artisanal Processing? Artisanal processing refers to making a value-added product from a raw agricultural material, in this case MILK, using traditional, usually labor-intensive, hands-on practices. In the old days lots of .. - 100%

12: default
caldairygoats.com Formerly CaDHIA Dairy Goats Serving the Western United States DHIA WEST Other Information at this site READING an ADGA PERFORMANCE PEDIGREE DATA COLLECTION RATINGS setstats - 100%

13: FARMLLC home
Farm Agricultural Resources Management is a farm management consulting practice. Dr. Karen L. Jacobsen has been a dairy cattle veterinarian for 36 years. She spent 22 of these years in academia. While a college professor, she .. - 100%

14: Home
Everyone in our family plays a vital role in our business. Jesse and Shaunna are the owners of Kirby Hoof Care. With our 3 children we are bringing bovine hoof care to a new dimension. Kirby Hoof Care All Rights Reserved View .. - 100%

15: Milking Equipment Supplies, Parts Department
Parts Department has supplied top quality dairy equipment direct to farms for 30 years. We cut out the middleman and pass the savings to you! - 100%

16: Udder Health Systems Inc Serving the Northwest Dairy Industry since 1977
Udder Health Systems provides milk quality and food testing services for the dairy industry. The company was founded in 1978 by Dr. Allan Britten for the purpose of addressing the challenges facing dairymen striving to produce .. - 100%

17: California Dairy Magazine
World Dairy Expo, Sept. 29-Oct. 3 Despite the sure and devastating recession swirling through the dairy industry, there is still an interest in showing the benefits of good breeding. Thus, even California dairies, suffering worse - 100%

18: Cozy-Hollow Alpine Dairy Goats Home
Thank you for your interest in our Alpine dairy goat herd. Ours is a small working herd of stylish animals that are consistent in type -- stressing production, structural correctness and size. Although there will always be room - 100%

19: Indiana Dairy Council - Milk Promotion Services
From Your Hoosier Dairy Farm Families. Dairy Night with the Pacers NEW!! Click here to see the video!! INDIANAPOLIS Over 400 Hoosier dairy farmers witnessed their check-off dollars at work first-hand on Wednesday evening, - 100%

20: Wisconsin Diary Farmers
A show case of Wisconsin Farms and Farm Families and your source for Wisconsin for dairy products and services. - 100%


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