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1: www.petitback.com
.. - 100%

2: missingpet.com
Update Your Pet's Microchip Today. www.RegisterMicrochip.com Free Missing Pet Poster Create a Lost Pet Flyer Alert Local Shelters Vets, For Free! www.PawBoost.com FindYourLostPet Missing Pets Missing Pets Search Now! Over 85 .. - 100%

3: uPetCare
Helping lost pets go home - 100%

4: Anicod QR Code and NFC identification tag for cat and dog with geolocalisation
With Anicod, you will be reassured that your pets will be protected with our QR code and unpowered NFC chip coming with our dog and cat tags. Automatic alerts and geolocalisation when a person scan the tag - 100%

5: Europetnet - Europe's Pet Portal
Europetnet is a group of national and local associations based across Europe who register owner information about pets that have been uniquely identified with a transponder. Our job is to reunite lost pets with their owners and .. - 100%

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