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1: www.vr1.com
- 100%

2: Robert Findley -
Finishing the race s the key. Success is doing your best even when you are not the best at whatever you do. When you are successful you don t always get the price or the glory. Only the winner gets that, but the successful .. - 100%

3: Running Club Bradford - Eccleshill Road Runners
Our 14 15 winter season champs! Our 14 15 winter season champs! Did we see you at Bradford parkrun at the beginning of May? If you re interested in some introductory training sessions throughout May, drop us a line using the .. - 100%

4: Nipples of Fate nof irc.funnet.org
Where are all the Nips at? Well, we never went anywhere.. In fact, we're in more places than ever before! These days, you can find us on Smite, Steam, and Battle.net .. For the latter, we're looking for some peeps interested in .. - 100%

5: Gaming Chosen One Home
Dev Breaker - download free XHTML CSS files from templatemo.com - 100%

6: Web Framework.find by name Ruby On Rails find here about Ruby, Ruby On Rails, Linux etc
find here about Ruby, Ruby On Rails, Linux etc.. - 100%

7: Realms of Chaos LP MUD Online Multiplayer Adventure Game
Official Website of the Realms of Chaos LP MUD. Realms of Chaos MUD has been in continual operation since 1994 and is one of the largest and most extensive worlds online. We invite you to log on and feel free to explore. Our .. - 100%

8: Vermeulen.ca
Stephen Vermeulen has written or wishes to remember. It's not really a blog, rather it's more like a mind-map. Contact Information stephen vermeulen.ca Here's a blast from the past, a little game called Mine Maze I wrote for the - 100%

9: Blogatar
Your uploaded file should be an image. Your Avatar will be available in sizes of 100x100, 80x80, 60x60, 40x40, and 20x20 pixels. Plan accordingly. After uploading an image, an email will be sent to you asking you to accept the .. - 100%

10: Immortal Lords
Welcome to the Realm of the Immortal Lords. We are an adult guild, PvM focused with a disdain for the wicked. Reds are KOS, greys are kill if the act was witnessed by us or a credible source. We offer nightly guild hunts, weekly .. - 100%

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