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1: Publishing Business Group Strategy Consultants for Publishers
Expert, practical, and affordable advice for startups, nonprofits, Web and print publishers - 100%

2: Trevari Publishing Consulting 801.253.0712
Trevari Consulting offers a wide range of services in the publishing business. Any problem you have will be examined fully and a plan to fix the problem will be provided. Follow through on the plan is also available. Even if you .. - 100%

3: The Lexicon Group - publishing consulting service for the book and magazine industries
The Lexicon Group has provided a full range of publishing consulting services to the magazine and book industries since 1972, with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Washington, DC., and Toronto. The Lexicon Group handles all .. - 100%

4: The Shatzkin Files - The Idea Logical Company Blog The Shatzkin Files
Insights about the future of the book publishing industry, from the desk of Mike Shatzkin, Founder CEO of The Idea Logical Company. - 100%

5: www.lc8898.com, ,
www.lc8898.com , , CEZA , ,www.lc8898.com .. - 100%

6: IMI - Information Management International, Inc.
Let IMI manage your data. We will clean your data to ensure the information is clean and consistant to ensure proper delivery of to your targeted customer. - 100%

7: KOK Edit Katharine O'Moore-Klopf consulting medical editor
KOK Edit consulting medical editor. KOK Edit does copyediting, substantive editing, and English-language editing for book publishers and authors. - 100%

8: Prime Theatre
But where are you going to get your eye exam? It is a question that many would ask, because there are so many places and it is hard to know where you are going to go. But we suggest that you check out the Costco Eye Exam that is .. - 100%

9: Welcome to Stress Benders
Join us on Facebbook! Follow Us on Twitter! Subscribe to our RSS Feed! Nov 15 2013 Dealing with rejections Education Facing vs. Covering up problems Public Speaking Relationships Stress Management Successes .. - 100%

10: The Great Kindle Publishing Experiment With Author Life Coach Angela Atkinson at ...
The Great Kindle Publishing Experiment http onlinewritingpro.com More Books 127 Powerfully Simple Life Hacks Anyone Can Use 2015 Practical Freelance Writer s Guide to Author Websites 2010 Kindle Experiment Categories .. - 100%

11: Stephen Davis' CXO talking Points
Due to a server error my blog has been down. I am in the process of rebuilding the blog and its database. I hope to have it back up sometime next week. Google Buzz Categories Uncategorized Comments 0 Legal Notices Copyright .. - 100%

12: Home Page
Email Log In Home Jornals and Books By title By Subject By editor To Publish in Open access jornals Subscription price list Books By title By author By subject By publication date Book types Major reference works Multi .. - 100%

13: Riverside Publishing Solutions Publishing services for publishers and authors.
Publishing services for STM, Academic, Non-fiction and education publishers and authors. Full editorial project management. XML-first workflows and eBook conversion - 100%

14: SHCH Journal of Horticulture Crop Sciences
Authors are requested to recommend at least four expert reviewers. A typical article will not be more than 5000 to 7000 words excluding tables and figures Authors should provide their complete contact information including their .. - 100%

15: Behavioral Ad Targeting - Understanding Data-Driven Advertising
Behavioral Ad Targeting helps publishers, advertisers, agencies, and consumers understand the behavioral ad targeting ecosystem - 100%

16: Jolanta Rejs
Modularity Lite by Graph Paper Press. Follow Follow this Blog Get every new post on this blog delivered to your Inbox. Enter email address Sign me up! Service Provided by WordPress.com - 100%

17: Monica Faulkner - Los Angeles Editors Writers Group
independent book editor and publishing consultant - 100%

18: Ruth Swanney Publishing Services
I provide freelance copyediting, proofreading and publishing services - 100%

19: BioScience Technical Writing and Editing John Knight PhD.
John Knight PhD. - 100%

20: Hidden Profits Coaching
There is strength in numbers and Meridian believes that the team approach is the best way for a successful, happy, and financially healthy petroleum business. While some companies consult and coach only CEOs and business owners, .. - 100%


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