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1: JASCO Applied Sciences
Acoustic monitoring and assessments of underwater noise since 1981. International services for all stages of environmental reviews and assessments of underwater noise for the oil and gas, marine construction, energy, fisheries, .. - 100%

2: Ocean Imaging Satellite Environmental Services
OI Logo company info Services Equipment News Client Login Contact Us Data Acquisition Analysis Natural Resource Monitoring Environmental Damage Assessments Oil Spill Response Litigation Support R D Environmental GIS Services .. - 100%

3: www.ocean-explorers.com
- 100%

4: jOmegaK Home
Complete list of publications since 1985. Objective function Methods For Mapping Depth And Surface Current US Patent 8903134 River Tigre, Peru The Near-Specular Altimeter Waveforms of Small Inland Water Bodies, Coastal Altimetry .. - 100%

..Vic positions definite in worldwide rankings. It's been the most elevated positioned complete school in Canada considering that 2010. On this class, Maclean's diary positions UVic both first or second for 8 continuous years. It .. - 100%

6: Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level PSMSL
Search Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level PSMSL logo About Us Data Products Training Information Links You are here home News Woodworth Receives Vening Meinesz Medal Changes to the PSMSL Data Files PSMSL Launches New .. - 100%

7: POBEX - Pacific Ocean Boundary Ecosystems - www.Pacific-Ecosystems-Climate.Org
Pacific Ocean Boundary Ecosystems http www.pacific-ecosystems-climate.org Home Project Publications Documentation Data Models Outreach Videos Links Pacific Ocean Boundary Ecosystems and Climate This research is .. - 100%

8: ASCMO - Home
Journal cover Journal topic Advances in Statistical Climatology, Meteorology and Oceanography An international open-access journal on applied statistics STATMOS Imprint Contact Submit a manuscript Manuscript tracking About .. - 100%

9: Our Company
Our approach is a scientific one we apply the physical properties of in-channel flow to create a mix of design and function which is necessary for the stable and efficient rehabilitation of natural channels. We offer more than a - 100%

10: Hakai Institute Science on the Coastal Margin
The Hakai Institute is a scientific research institution that advances long-term research at remote locations on the coastal margin of British Columbia, Canada. - 100%

11: California Research Institute
Research Development Group - 100%

12: Sam Stetson Urmy
Stony Brook University. My interests are mostly about how marine animals move through and inhabit their environment--which is often unpredictable, patchy, and turbulent. To get at these questions, I use a mixture of remote sensing .. - 100%

13: Tampa Bay PORTS
Real-time oceanographic observations from Tampa Bay, Florida - 100%

14: Pathfinders Ocean Acidification
The Pathfinder Ocean Acidification project is funded by the European Space Agency, the objective is to improve the quantification of acidification of the ocean - 100%

15: California Research Institute
Research Development Group - 100%

16: Welcome to CSSTEAP CSSTEAP
Mission of Capacity Building, under the intiative of the UN, for Asia and the Pacific Region in Space Science and Technology,Through Excellence in Education, Training and Research. On a Mission of Capacity Building, under the .. - 100%

17: Home - Citizen Science
Citizen Science for the Gulf of Mexico, supported by Galveston Bay Foundation, Nature's Academy, and Florida Aquarium. The project is being developed as the outreach and education portion of the developing GCOOS Integrated Water .. - 100%

18: Data Acquisition and Processing Software Chesapeake Technology
Chesapeake Technology offers sidescan, sub-bottom, bathymetry and magnetometer mapping software for the geophysical and geological survey industry. - 100%

19: Pelagos Ocean Noise Map
- 100%

20: Home
02 18 2011 Ocean tests delayed. Pool tests for UUV too begin Pool demonstration of new UUV for investors aaaaaaaaaaaaiii - 100%


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