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1: www.nis.com
- 100%

2: www.theporch.com
- 100%

3: index - www.bsdnet.org
All rights reserved. Last modified August 24 2009 15 32 53 GMT - 100%

4: KCBUG.org
You need to be running a OpenBSD 4.4-current snapshot to get this or possibly even compiling OpenSSH-5.1 from source. But edit per user ssh config or etc ssh ssh config and add this line VisualHostKey yes Then ssh to some remote .. - 100%

5: The NetBSD Project
PowerPC, Alpha, SPARC, MIPS, SH3, ARM, amd64, i386, m68k, VAX Of course it runs NetBSD. - 100%

6: 3am Software Home Page
Thank you for perusing my web site. Cheers, Matt Thomas Last updated on August 11th, 2009 matt 1999 3am Software Foundry spread the dot - 100%

7: BSD User Group Hamburg
Willkommen auf der Homepage der BSD User Group Hamburg! Wir sind ein loser Zusammenschluss ohne Vereinsstatus von Benutzern von BSD-UNIX-Derivaten wie NetBSD, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, DragonFly BSD und BSD OS. Das n chste Treffen findet .. - 100%

8: Linux.org
Linux Forum - 100%

9: Linux Now Everything about Linux and more.
Since its launch just a few months ago, Linux2order.com has received rave reviews from the most important audience of all the open source community. Here s what they ve been saying in a sampling of Internet postings we .. - 100%

10: Debian - The Universal Operating System
Debian is an operating system and a distribution of Free Software. It is maintained and updated through the work of many users who volunteer their time and effort. - 100%

11: The Linux Kernel Archives
This site is operated by the Linux Kernel Organization, Inc., a 501 c 3 nonprofit corporation, with support from the following sponsors. The Linux Foundation Internet Systems Consortium Red Hat HP vexxhost.com Open Source Lab - 100%

12: www.li.org
Something broken. You're on default site. - 100%

13: sukhanov.net
..What the hell is GITN?" You might ask. GITN stands for glitchinthe.net, and for the past ten years it has hosted my blaagh, dns, email, IRC and more. It has served us well, went through a couple of hard drives but the rest of the .. - 100%

14: apstrata - Home
December 14 - Michael David Liss Where to hide a dead horse. December 10 - Michael David Liss Rabih at UNICEF conference December 6 - Rabih Nassar Apstrata Innovations in Mobile Data Collection for Social Action workshop - 100%

15: LordSutch.com Your source for almost nothing of value.
Global domination in one ugly JPEG. Welcome to LordSutch.com Where we take world domination one day at a time. Contents Thanks to a spending-spree by Chris, LordSutch.com is now online and ready to frighten small children. Here's .. - 100%

16: Frontpage Notes on a New World Order
Blantantly asking for money.. Donate Bitcoins Donate Directly using Bitcoin Bitcoin Address 1enimihi1cw75d4jnbkoWJMDeWWcoEXAr How to boot a Ubiquiti RouterStation Pro from RedBoot over tftp Author Enimihil Published Jul 18, .. - 100%

17: grsecurity
Open Source Security, Inc. Defends against zero-day Only grsecurity provides protection against zero-day and other advanced threats that buys administrators valuable time while vulnerability fixes make their way out to .. - 100%

18: Journal of Animal and Environmental Law
Welcome to the Journal of Animal and Environmental Law's JAEL website! Part of JAEL's mission is to raise awareness of legal issues pertaining to, you guessed it, animal and environmental law. At our site you will find .. - 100%

19: into the wibble Fred's Home Page
slice of fred's home page Fred's Home Page - 100%

20: Donation Conspiracy
More features to come ! How Much Would It Cost WHAT - Donation Conspiracy is a donation platform where you can send money to any independent band or record label in the universe. We re not a crowd-funding website that helps fund .. - 100%


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