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1: Uncle Scoopy's Movie House
On the internet since 1996. More than 4000 movie reviews with nudity recaps. The ultimate resource for information on new video and DVD releases, as well as nudity summaries. Oh, yeah - and the best movie reviews in the world. - 100%

2: ElinionFables Roleplay Forum
ElinionFables, Minecraft Medieval Roleplay - 100%

3: Hulululu
Clio developers to either express 1. happiness and some form of celebration, or 2. the I-have-no-more-fucks-left-to-give sentiment. In case 1., instead of nodding in agreement, fellow developers may choose to respond with further .. - 100%

4: Javascript Blog
..Day 1" is a misnomer. It's really day 21. Or night 21, as day 22 approaches in just minutes. I should be asleep, resting up for my next day at Hack Reactor Remote, but I cannot rest until my blog is up and running. So this is Day .. - 100%

5: Some reasons why customized web design losing its significance
Have you come across a site that takes ages to download? Probably the webmaster there missed the trick with custom website designing. In custom-built websites, there s no place for elements with little or no business relevancy. .. - 100%

6: Puzzle Parlor An Escape Room Adventure
Will you escape in time? Schedule your escape puzzle-parlor-slide-1 Only an hour Welcome to the Puzzle Parlor, a live room escape adventure. You are locked in a room for an hour, you only have 60 minutes to find the clues to solve .. - 100%

7: OCN
OCN 2013 11 28 Web .. - 100%

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