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1: Abbagirl Anything and Everything a girl needs to know
Agnetha Faltskog Frida Lyngstad.My status as an abbagirl was affirmed when I purchased more albums, video collections, and saw the hilarious touching Australian flick Muriel s Wedding in the theatre. I truly identified .. - 100%

2: sllester
You fail to be excited. You move a few inches further down the queue. You are standing in line with city workers in pinstripe suits and garish ties they clutch onto sandwiches, bottles of water and cans of Red Bull as they .. - 100%

3: Aurora Scott
Did You know we're getting married? You're invited, obviously. We're urban people, who go to photo booths Please come to our wedding. AuroraScott.jpg AuroraScott1.jpg AuroraScott2.jpg AuroraScott3.jpg AuroraScott.jpg Did You know .. - 100%

4: French Touch Image Consulting - Bienvenue Welcome!
You know how to "Dress for Success" at the office, but do you know how to "Dress for Success" in the rest of your life? Learn what every Parisian woman knows how to Put Yourself Together, look Chic and feel Confident at any .. - 100%

5: Nicole Reece - actress, tv and film, actors and actresses
Nicole Reece is British Actress based in London, UK. With her effervescent presence and positivity she is widely regarded as "One to Watch" in TV and Film. - 100%

6: Home
Type your paragraph here. Emily's Perch Logan has always been obsessed with the 100 year old mansion once used as girls boarding school. When it finally comes up for sale he snatches it from the only remaining student who also .. - 100%

7: DIYife
A fun and interesting home blog on how to do DIY D.I.Y. projects, interior design and decorating on a budget! - 100%

8: Andrew Auseon
Personal website of author and video game designer Andrew Auseon. Includes information about upcoming projects, press, and discussion of the crafts of fiction and video game narrative. - 100%

9: Ken and Dana
..Took the summer off from posting ratings. Movies What We Do in the Shadows April 23, 2015 Ken 7 10 Dana 7 10 Movies Kingsman The Secret Service April 16, 2015 Ken 6 10 Dana 6 10 Movies Whiplash March 18, 2015 Ken 8 10 .. - 100%

10: Our Home Page
Seuss aspect of June's feather. Here are some yearly snapshots to our life Visit 2003 Visit 2004 Visit 2005 Visit 2006 Visit 2007 Visit 2008 Visit 2009 I have also created a buzzword generator which makes bureaucratic sounding - 100%

11: www.ccc29.com ccc222 com 59ccc.142md1.cc
www.ccc29..com www.ccc29..com , www.ccc29..com ,www.ccc29..com ccc222 com 59ccc.142md1.cc - 100%

12: Everything Emma
Welcome to Everything Emma, the official website for 11-year old actress Emma Engle. Emma is best known for Amel in the Movie Capture, Kelly Balm in Sam Cat or as Kayla in A Difficult Thank You. You also may recognize Emma from .. - 100%

Something about it is so striking and unexpected. That subtle, textureless finish made it's way into fashion with thoughtfully executed leather accents, full on leather garments and matte nail polish. I was so intrigued by the .. - 100%

14: Crash's Landing Cat Rescue Placement Center
Thanks to being a 2015 recipient of a grant from the Binky Foundation we are able to unveil our new signage designed by one of our very own volunteers, Marnie K. A huge round of applause and thanks to Marnie for using her artistic .. - 100%

Beige Double Breasted Coat seen on www.ANITAHASS.com MGSM Red Wool Fur Waistcoat seen on www.ANITAHASS.com The irregular fur is the perfect add on to the very simple and straight cut of the coat. But it's also clever because the .. - 100%

16: Shut The Fridge
This is my first born. He is funny, smart, sarcastic and obsessed with baseball. He loves his baby sisters and they know it and can get him to do almost anything for them! A-Girl A-Girl A-Girl is my oldest girl, my first C-Section .. - 100%

17: www.wintorlighting.com
- 100%

18: The Homepage of Rob Eirlys
Welcome to our Homepage! We know we have been rubbish at updating this site but we promise to try and do it more often. We now live in the fine northern city of Leeds and are having lots of fun. Tomos keeps us both busy and is .. - 100%

19: Writing the Book
Years watching a fox parade at a shrine in Tokyo. It was amazing and exhausting. Unfortunately, I didn't get much writing done, or even think about my project much, which leaves me a bit lost now that I'm home and wanting to work .. - 100%

20: Musings from a Muse
Home for the Holidays.. Again! Last year I posted this.. and what a wild and wacky year I've had!! This year, my immune system got markedly better and my back got excruciatingly worse. Some days I just can't even THINK of .. - 100%


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