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1: Home Frameline
Skip to main content Membership Get Involved Shop Cart Submit Your Film Donate -A A Loading My Account Home Film Festival Film Guide Festival FAQs Festival News Events Festival Awards Sponsors Archives Now showing Frameline .. - 100%

2: San Francisco MovieBears
San Francisco MovieBears is now Member Supported. Please click HERE for details San Francisco MovieBears would like to wish all its members, a very.. Happy new Year See you nex year!! Dave, Jerry and Christian. Wed, Jan 14th .. - 100%

3: aGLIFF Film Festival
aGLIFF, the Austin Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival, brings the best in independent LGBTQ cinema through its yearly festival and monthly events. - 100%

4: the big queer film festival list
a continually updated calendar of queer film festivals from around the world - 100%

5: Producer Music Events
Home About Music Events Live Media Contact Producer Music Events Home About Music Events Live Media Contact boy-chic-logo-instagram-01.jpg boy-chic-logo-instagram-01.jpg Boy Chic SCROLL DOWN Boy Chic Top Powered by .. - 100%

6: The Berkeley Video Film Festival home page index
THE BERKELEY VIDEO FILM FESTIVAL was Founded by award winning independent filmmakers who were involved with the - 100%

7: Philadelphia Theatre Straw Flower Productions Home
Philadelphia's most exciting new theatre company - Straw Flower Productions - 100%

8: KNOWhomo
A blog about our history, our society, our loves, our fears and us --the LGBTQ Community - 100%

9: Cadu Silveira's Portfolio
The personal portfolio site of Cadu Silveira - 100%

10: Zoe Zag
Zoe Zag otherwise known as Cry Tuff is a Los Angeles based artist. Building sets, making zines, taking photos, exploring. zcrytuff - 100%

11: william baird
Original Music for TV and Film - 100%

12: Home
..Copyright Leela NYC Summer Festival. All rights reserved. View on Mobile - 100%

13: Pride On Screen
Celebrating the positive representation of Gay men and Lesbians in Film and on Television, with information on theatrical film releases, DVD releases, Queer entertainment news, and links to Film Festival schedules and .. - 100%

14: www.ancientboy.com
blogi ancientboy sodipodi nothing yet.. gay-teemalised filmid fotoalbumid 1999-2007, ancientboy - 100%

15: Colombian Cinema
Presentando producciones de los mejores cineastas colombianos. Featuring productions from the best Colombian filmmakers. Trailer Certificate to the CCS from the City of Los Angeles ENGLISH ESPA OL CCS 2008 REVIEW PICTURES - 100%

16: Apperception Productions
Apperception Productions About Images Navigation About Images 14962591571 ea5d16320b c.jpg 14962591571 ea5d16320b c.jpg Apperception Productions is the brainchild of Writer Performer Adriana Jones, and was born out of the desire .. - 100%

17: Zwixel Films
We are a young group of filmmakers - 100%

18: LULU GETS A FACELIFT, documents the trials and tra-veils of a 52 yo gay man who decides to ...
Now Showing in Austin, TX Seattle, WA! AUSTIN PREMIERE Austin Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival Monday, October 1st, 9 30 pm Arbor Theater Purchase Tickets SEATTLE PREMIERE The 2007 Seattle Lesbian Gay Film Festival .. - 100%

19: Get Bent! Manchester
Get Bent - a celebration of queer diversity in Manchester and the north-west. Arts, performance, politics, music, film shows, fun, workshops. A non-profit alternative to today's commercialised Pride events. Most of Get Bent is .. - 100%

20: Andrea Bloom - Producer and Writer
What is the Anthropocene? Reboot The Suit Reboot The Suit National Portrait Gallery National Portrait Gallery Renwick Gallery Renwick Gallery Children's National Health System Children s National Health System NAFCU National .. - 100%


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