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1: Howard Rheingold Exploring mind amplifiers since 1964
Recording of my Education 2.0 conversation with Steve Hargadon April 5, 2012 Steve Hargadon is a great interviewer, and about 80 members of his active Classroom 2.0 community joined via text chat. The recording use the player .. - 100%

2: Jordan Meyer - Musings
When you come upon a small village 1.5 hours into a dirt road, you get a real sense of what it is like living on the outskirts of civilization. Here, the road takes on a different function. Almost no one has cars, so the road is - 100%

3: Freeman LaFleur Unconventional Insight
Failed experiments create humility and resilience. They are pruned like dead branches and the scars serve as a reminder of why we are who we are. Spread the word bird! Tweet In Business, Inspiration, Life, Memes, Quotes .. - 100%

4: Bio Adam Webb-OrensteinAdam Webb-Orenstein
Adam Webb-Orenstein is a PhD student in anthropology at Rice University and holds an M.A. in folklore from the University of California, Berkeley. - 100%

5: Small is the Next Big Thing
The size and shape of commerce and culture - 100%

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