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1: PFAW People For the American Way
What Is Citizens United? Beyond Citizens United Bennett, McCutcheon, and Other Ominous Signs for the Future Amending the Constitution to Overturn Citizens United Why an Amendment is Necessary Marriage Equality Anti-Gay Leaders .. - 100%

2: Southern Poverty Law Center
Sign Up for SPLC Updates! Subscribe Latest News News King Center bestows highest honor on Morris Dees The Martin Luther King, Jr., Center for Nonviolent Social Change The King Center today awarded its highest honor to SPLC .. - 100%

3: Home Fighting for a Fair America
Americans to have their day in court. Supreme Court We fight to hold the court to the highest ethical standards, and we fight for a court that upholds the rights of everyday Americans. See More Issues and Campaigns Blog On the .. - 100%

4: BC Civil Liberties Association Equality. Liberty. Freedom. Justice.
Canadian government to stop illegal spying. Learn more about the case and take action. Array post type post showposts 4 nopaging 0 ignore sticky posts 1 post status publish The Latest A Different Shade .. - 100%

5: Home - American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee
Have You Been Discriminated Against? Report an Incident Travel Incident Report Form Hate Crimes Tracker End the Shame of NSEERS NAALA TPS Media Press Releases 2014 May 2014 Breaking ADC and Morgan Morgan, P.A. File .. - 100%

6: National Whistleblowers Center - Home
Since 1988, the Center has used whistleblowers disclosures to improve environmental protection, nuclear safety, and government and corporate accountability. - 100%

7: Home - Canadian Civil Liberties Association
Join the campaign to put rights first in Canadian lawmaking! Join the campaign to put rights first in Canadian lawmaking! Government Issues Lackluster Statement on Charter Impacts of Assisted Dying Bill Government Issues .. - 100%

8: Weisman Publications Publisher, Bookseller, Researcher of Controversial Topics
Check Here For New Additions . new FEATURED ITEMS Who Are The Terrorists? Articles, Debates Questions Have a Service Business? We have a book to help you Promote it Shipping Info. Other Links Current Events General Info. Our .. - 100%

9: Letters for Black Lives
An Open Letter Project on Anti-Blackness - 100%

10: Occupy Wall Street Videos - News Videos from the Occupy Wall Street Movement
Occupy Wall Street Videos is a network for the movement to counteract the corporate media bias. Join and share a video. - 100%

11: Voxfux - The real story - behind the lies
VOXFUX - the real stories behind the lies called NEWS - 100%

Due to ISIS threats, we are on Yellow alert for now. Check your mags, gear, water, and other loadout. Contact your team leader or other SMVM staff. SMVM PUBLIC MEETING FIRST WEDNESDAY OF EACH MONTH, AT MAYBERRY'S ON GRAND RIVER .. - 100%

13: Trump Policy Center
This is the professional website for Kimberley Best, Certified Hypnotherapist in Vancouver. - 100%

14: SkyForce Coalition
SkyForce Coalition - 100%

15: NoNukesNorth.net
Global Network against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space. Mock Missile Test Reports Images NNN report Classified Military Research at UAF Dan O'Neill Poker Flat Galena's Nuclear Power Plant Plans AK - Yukon Railroad Alaskan .. - 100%

16: Tracked in America
Stories from the History of U.S. Government Surveillance During national crises, the United States government often reacts overzealously. It takes actions that curtail the constitutionally guaranteed rights of the people. These .. - 100%

17: WE ARE Educators for Justice
There are no items to display from the selected collection. White Educators Anti-Racist Educators POWERED BY SQUARESPACE. - 100%

18: www.caresmentoring.org
National CARES Mentoring Movement is dedicated to recruiting and connecting mentors with local youth-serving and mentoring organizations to help guide struggling Black children to academic and social success, and to closing the .. - 100%

19: Intel 7 Kingdom ConnectionS Your Oklahoma Intel 7 Newsletter First hand information
Your Oklahoma Intel 7 Newsletter First hand information - 100%

20: Mark Henkel Interview Example - Important Questions Media Credibility
Quotes from an interview of Mark Henkel with conservative media CNS News's Randy Hall answers common questions and demonstrates his media credibility. - 100%


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