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21: www.politicsminds.net
Political ScienceEarn a political science degree. Respected. Affordable. Online.www.apus.edu political-science Running for office?If you are serious about winning, contact us today.CandidAide.com Democratic Party WebsiteHelp - 100%

22: Plausible Nonsense
Windows 10 Anniversary Update. After doing so however, my World of Warcraft installation started crashing during launch with a message stating Error 132 memory something or other referenced such and such. I searched online for a .. - 100%

23: Media for America
Media for America - 100%

24: Dirty Energy Money - Oil Change International
Dirty Energy Money is an interactive tool that tracks the flow of oil money in US Congress. Find out which companies are pumping their dirty money into politics and which politicians are receiving it. - 100%

25: www.inthewallet.com
Hit the candidate where it hurts. In The Wallet Hit the candidate where it hurts. Don't think you have a voice? Make a politician hear you. Hit them in wallet. About UsDonate Now FEATURES What makes the In The Wallet initiative .. - 100%

26: www.wakeupvote.com
Citizen gear designed to build a stronger democracy - 100%

27: MISSISSIPPI VOTERS INFORMATION PROVIDERS MS VIP PAC 601-456-9571 - mississippi political ...
We support qualified candidates and issues in Mississippi - 100%

28: Home
Mitch Swoboda For Michigan State Rep District 37. All Rights Reserved. Home About Contact Us View on Mobile - 100%

29: Home
..Type your paragraph here. Home About Contact Us "Believe you can and you re halfway there." Theodore Roosevelt Erik Peters Call to Donate Working Hard For You Candidate Erik Peters Home About Contact Us Copyright Erik Peters. .. - 100%

30: impeachclinton.org - impeachclinton Resources and Information. This website is for sale!
impeachclinton.org is your first and best source for information about impeachclinton . Here you will also find topics relating to issues of general interest. We hope you find what you are looking for! - 100%

31: This Rocky Road
Maleficent the manipulator. It's time we acknowledge these stereotypes exist and admit that they control our behavior in ways we neither recognize nor understand. It's the same phenomenon as racial profiling in policing. Many .. - 100%

32: Adanna Rudder
WELCOME ABOUT BOOK BLOG CONTACT Adanna Rudder WELCOME ABOUT BOOK BLOG CONTACT Hi, I'm Adanna Rudder An Entrepreneur, Single Mom, and Army Veteran 15 years Photo taken by Ryokeken Photo taken by Ryokeken Photo taken by Ryokeken .. - 100%

33: The Loyal Opposition Should you wake up one day only to realize that your only two choices ...
Should you wake up one day only to realize that your only two choices are between the corruption of the right and the hypocrisy of the left, then join us as we explore a seemingly non-existent alternative. Come walk with us down .. - 100%

34: NationalBuzz The buzz you can trust!
The buzz you can trust! Wednesday, January 11, 2017 Home About Us Wikileaks finally admits Russia hacked DNC Jody Reagan January 5, 2017 Julian Assange Admits to Russia hacking DNC, but e-mails were delivered by Washington .. - 100%

35: Liberty Barrel Post - A Libertarian, Free Speech, Media Watchdog
A Libertarian, Free Speech, Media Watchdog - 100%

36: WorkingCarrot All the buzz while working
Palin Blames Her Only Moment Of Clarity As The Reason She.. December 23, 2015 0 Hillary Clintons Five Best Responses To The Sheer Stupidity Of The.. December 23, 2015 Americans Tell GOP To F ck Off New Poll Reveals We Want.. .. - 100%

37: My NSA Records - Submit a FOIA Request or Motion to Quash
Sent 500 FOIA Requests to the NSA in 24 Hours! Thank you! Read more.. The NSA has been exposed as having collected the phone records of millions of Americans in blatant violation of the Fourth Amendment. What would you like .. - 100%

38: The History of Phone Phreaking
Check out the FBI's file on YIPL. Confused by the weird jargon in the FBI file? See How to Read an FBI File. Have you visited the History of Phone Phreaking blog lately? Lots of neat stuff there, including an essay about the - 100%

39: www.80yizu.com
80yizu.com - 100%

40: herfirst100days - Blog
..There was no voter fraud. Millions of Americans tear out chunks of their hair. Sales of George Orwell's novel "1984 spike. If you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself. George Orwell Muir You say .. - 100%


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