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21: The Us in Trust
How do you know when to trust someone? Honest face? But what happens when the person or entity in question is not in front of you, but in another country? We need to trust to function - but who do we trust in the era of .. - 100%

22: Milk Eyes
Sometimes silly little sentimental things leave me sobbing like a baby. This video, entitled 'To a child, love is spelled T-I-M-E' had me mopping up tears with Hunters bib YouTube won't let me embed the video on my site, so .. - 100%

23: The Self Employed Investor
.. Dave on the other hand is not doing his job for the economy.. if we were to all spend such pithy amounts the amount of jobs in the economy would decrease and selfish Dave would be paying less taxes to help fund our public .. - 100%

24: Snarky Fussbudget
Experiencing the Five Stages of Hobby Lobby Grief. at 3 05 PM No comments Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook - around town, article, birth control, contraception, Differences, healthcare, link, local, politics, .. - 100%

25: Jim Getzen.net
Reading some of these posts has me weeping for the future of mankind. What a bunch of ignorant, childish, whiners. Here's a little secret nobody in business, whether a sole proprietor or a multi-national corporation, prices their - 100%

26: Word
Free Stock from Morguefile.com Free Stock from Morguefile.com Free Stock from Morguefile.com Bernie Sanders Announces He Will Work With Hillary Clinton, Conservatives Continue To Shoot Selves In Proverbial Foot June 09, 2016 by .. - 100%

27: The Talking Dog
Who is The Talking Dog? The Talking Dog "Sure, the dog can talk but does it say anything interesting?" He ain't The Man's best friend January 27, 2016, One step forward? Two steps.. Item Elite Amherst College in a town by .. - 100%

28: One Man's Platform
Provable facts are highly encouraged. As stuff comes along I'll post more. As life happens I'll share in ways that I believe impact my perspective and when I think things are just a bit off. Posted by M Andersen at 6 09 PM No .. - 100%

29: 1 Peace Campaign - Join By Picking Up One Piece of Garbage Every Day.
1 Peace Campaign for every person on earth to pick up one piece of garbage per day. - 100%

30: Em's Favorites - dedicated to the Truth
This website is dedicated to seek out and expose the truth to those who thirst after it. - 100%

31: Beta18 Technology HotSpot
Weeks Best Sorrow of bihar strikes again. Rediff is feeling it weeks best where as whole nation is appealing for help..shame on you rediff. Wake up before you face the consequences.. BETA18 at 10 42 AM 0 comments Links .. - 100%

32: Brian Fisher Print, Paint and Assemblage Blog
Brian Fisher Print, Paint and Assemblage Blog Monday, November 21, 2016 Cygnus - 100%

33: Benjamin H. Liles
Thomas Locke has done it again with his new book, Merchant of Alyss. While the book starts off a little slow okay, purely my opinion , it soon develops into one romp of a story. Trees that uproot themselves to defend their .. - 100%

34: Levinson for president
Levinson for president 2000. Innovative solutions for every problem. Spoken poem for all mankind The vehicle for world peace Michael levinson for President. - 100%

Devoted to urbanites with vast curiosity and mindfulness. News of the arts, sciences, music, language, travel, trends -- and more. There are no ads or pop-ups, so relax and enjoy. Welcome. placedelaconcordecp.jpg Featured Mobile .. - 100%

36: iamdeplorable
Welcome to IAMDEPLORABLE.ORG. yeah, its a blog. I never thought Id be doing a blog.. but the state of things got me here. Because its rude to enrage my FB friends with my political thoughts, and because I still feel the need to .. - 100%

37: ABA Inside Track
ABA Inside Track main page - 100%

38: Madcap Machinations
Changing the world through science, math, and engineering. Sunday, August 2, 2009 Salon vs. Huffington Post Comment Insanity I have been reading the comments from the recent article by Salon about the horrible medical advice the - 100%

39: Home
And We're Off and Running! Where did January go? My God, that was a fast month. Quick recap Did a "two-night stand" at Fatboys Country Store in Leonardtown, MD. Sold out the first night, and had a great turnout for the second - 100%

40: Curated Conversations
Before the age of two, virtually everyone in the world has learned to talk. But only a small minority of people, even after reaching adulthood, know how to converse. Talk and conversation are not the same thing. And that .. - 100%


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