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21: STDAware Houston - The Leader in STD Testing
The best resource online for fast, confidential STD Testing in Houston, Texas. Learn about STD Testing and why it is important to get tested regularly, at STDAware Houston. - 100%

22: The Curious Inspiration, Ideas, and Connection for Researchers
This is the home page's excerpt - 100%

23: The Byronic Man
And That, Ming-Mai, Is Why I Pretended Not To See You At The Bus Stop. By Byron MacLymont Any time someone says they re afraid of something, people immediately label it a phobia, which is, let s face it, silly. You stand .. - 100%

24: SoberChrystal I am SOBER, hear me roar! Sobriety is exhausting!
What if he decides to quit rehab halfway through? What if he dies in detox? What if he gets out and loses his job? What if they find out he has cirrhosis of the liver? What if he has a mental breakdown? Is he going to bullshit .. - 100%

25: Sara and Steve's Stories - Blog
Steve from London and Sara from Sydney, meet on the Internet, date for a few months and fall in love with the odds against them. This is probably because his TLE temporal lobe epilepsy becomes gradually worse, perhaps because he .. - 100%

26: Home
Welcome A Chinese proverb says "Be not afraid of growing slowly be afraid only of standing still." To each of us, that has a different meaning. For some, it is the reason why you are visiting this webpage. I want to say a sincere .. - 100%

27: Orange County Ca Photographers Fashion Beauty Lifestyle Photographer Ian Cosley
Ian Cosley is a fashion and beauty photographer working in Orange County, Los Angeles and all over Southern California. - 100%

28: Anger Management For Kids Anger Management For Kids
Anger - it's a aspect of daily life and everybody activities it. Anger just isn't a nasty emotion. We should always not consider to December 4, 2014 Anger Management for Children Anger Management in Kids Anger Management in .. - 100%

29: up2hill.com Sales techniques and personal development
Sales techniques and personal development - 100%

30: Ideeahs
Comments on daily life and world events ?? Pages Home What I'm Reading Who's Behind Ideeahs? February 23, 2016 Thoughts on Measuring Time I have just read Bill and Melinda Gates 2016 Annual Letter. They talk about how time and .. - 100%

31: Amy Cheryl - Your Safe to Shine Mentor
Amy Cheryl is Your Safe to Shine Mentor Provides roadmap for women entrepreneurs and visionary leaders like Speakers, authors, coaches, healers and all women! Fully own and trust a woman's feminine power. Women's become .. - 100%

32: Elena Artemenko - artemenko
Artemenko Elena Tactile sculptures Soft power Allowed Sweets Freak Show Event Comfortable protest It is coming Manifesto generator Instant Artlet Maker ARTOMAT Art Ideas generator The Tale Discussion Political make-up CV .. - 100%

33: toddazbill.com
Like many, much of my persona is manufactured and catered to the people I'm around. This blog is meant to be a look at the real me the me that no one gets to see. - 100%

34: The Examined Object
A blog exploring the world of contemporary design through the lens of moral and ethical responsibility. - 100%

35: tmcforwomen
Just another WordPress.com site Home Social Media Disclaimer Latest Post 05 Graph 1 Just a Little Heartburn or Something More? February 10, 2012 By Rachel Miller Leave a Comment I'm not sure where I first heard that heart disease .. - 100%

36: Learn to swim DVD swimming
Schwimmen Lernen - Schnell und einfach Schwimmen Lernen bei unseren Schwimmkursen f r Kinder und Erwachsene mit verschiedenen Schwimmtechniken und Lern-DVD. - 100%

37: Curse of the Competent Woman Managing life in a world full of priorities
Curse of the Competent Woman Home About Us Blog Contact Us Home Select Page You could be a competently cursed woman if you are a perfectionist you tend to over-function you are insatiably driven to do and be more .. - 100%

38: Examining Psychopathy Through the Lens of Girardian Theory
The 180 Rule reveals mimetic desire as the source of psychopathic shame and envy. The Gray Rock Method prevents psychopaths from feeding on our emotions. - 100%

39: A Simple Embrace embracing simplicity and an unfettered life
This is the home page's excerpt - 100%

40: Dr. Marcos Balbino - top-notch ophthalmic anesthesia forum
top-notch ophthalmic anesthesia forum - 100%


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