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1: Pathfinder International A Global Leader in Sexual and Reproductive Health 2014
All young people deserve access to the family planning method they want. Join My Method, My Choice and share why you believe in family planning! Today s generation of young people is the largest in history, with nearly half of .. - 100%

2: Institute for Reproductive HealthHome Institute for Reproductive Health
Addressing gender is implicit in our work. We view gender equity as a cross cutting issue that must be embedded throughout the design and evaluation of all of reproductive health programs. Read More Focus Areas .. - 100%

3: Family Care International-Homepage
Family Care International works to improve maternal health in developing countries. - 100%

4: Africa Prime News News Using The African Lens
.. Special Report Kaduna School Feeding Programme, Which Way To Go? Special Report Kaduna School Feeding Programme, Which Way To Go? By Longtong Ibrahim Kaduna Nigeria Governor Nasiru El-Rufai of Kaduna State, northwest .. - 100%

5: Daughters of Scheherazade Belly Dance Troupe Home Page
The Daughters of Scheherazade is a tradtional Middle Eastern bellydance, belly dance troupe located in Alexandria, Louisiana. Our dance blends Egyptian, Turkish, Lebanese, and Arabic styles. - 100%

6: Invitation to WJS eQuestionnaire
Worlds of Journalism Study in South Africa www.imasa.org - 100%

7: 1000 OBGYNs
Welcome to the 1000 OBGYN project website. Here you will find documents that pertain to the project. This is the first phase of the project, so return often to check for updates. - 100%

8: Home
Others! Help sick - HIV AIDS VIH SIDA, cancer, lupus, autism, dengue, sex other diseases abandoned babies and children, orphans, handicapped, illiterate, elderly, unfortunate, unemployed, money poor. Help with clothing, shoes, .. - 100%

9: news
When BBA first premiered on Sunday May 25, 2003, it shook African airwaves. For the very first time, reality TV about Africans for Africa, was broadcasting in more than 10 countries. Unlike now, where Africa has been abbreviated .. - 100%

10: Gesnoma, the Geneva Study Group on noma
Gesnoma, The Geneva Study Group on Noma conducts research and surgical missions in Africa to understand and heal infectious diseases of noma. - 100%

11: Afro-gist as it happens.
Poachers target older elephants for ivory because their tusks are larger. Elephants live in groups led by older females, and their loss may drastically affect the social structures of these communities. Yet elephant societies .. - 100%

12: African Regional Collaborative
The second learning session for ARC West and Central Africa was held in Douala Cameroon 5-7 April 2016. Three countries from West and Central Africa were represented Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Cote .. - 100%

13: Avenir Health
Powerful tools for decision makers. Economics and Costing Collection, analysis, and utilization of critical data for strategic planning. M E and Advocacy Supporting champions of improved policies and programs. USAID Health Policy .. - 100%

14: The International Union against Sexually Transmitted Infections IUSTI
Greetings to all IUSTI members and all users of this website. Home The International Union against Sexually Transmitted Infections IUSTI was founded in 1923 and it is organized on both a global and regional basis. It is the .. - 100%

15: Women's Health Alexandria, VA
If your agency is promoting women's health projects, contact us in Alexandria, VA. We offer research and training to improve reproductive health programs. - 100%

16: ASTRA journal
All rights reserved. www.astrajournal.com ..Designed by MZN Marketing Pty Ltd - 100%

17: Home - APHRCAPHRC Africa Population Health Research Center
Meeting the needs of urban youth what does the community say? PhotoVoice for Knowledge Management Ending Childhood Obesity or avoiding it completely? RESEARCH PROGRAMS Generating evidence for policy and practice Aging and .. - 100%

18: Intro
AIPMNH Australia Indonesia Maternal and Naternal Health - 100%

19: ABDGN.org HIV Global Voice
Migrants from the Diaspora. WE ARE A GLOBAL VOICE Strengthening the response to emerging Health, HIV AIDS and Human Rights epidemics among African and Black Migrants from the Diaspora. Why we exist ABDGN is the only network of its .. - 100%

20: Opportunities for Orphans
Opportunities for Orpahans is a charity which creates futures for children of Uganda. - 100%


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