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1: TheCelts.com The Leading Celtic Site on the Net
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2: Mine, all mine, I tell you!
Visitations since 14th August 2005. Oh, the Humanity! www.hitwebcounter.com This Website Visits 271st image added to the gallery 13th January 2016. New image added to the gallery. Now 272 in total 15th January 2016. Another .. - 100%

3: Eviloria
Tibia is a free massively multiplayer online role-playing game MMORPG - 100%

4: UoG Tournament of Horizons
Guelph Pathfinder Tournament! Details about setting and character creation will be released after the Games Club AGM. Other Important Dates -- Character Workshop - Sept 22nd 6pm to 10pm - Get assistance with creating your .. - 100%

5: Mortalis Games
Post II, a MUD that I play. Orpheus made a posting on Facebook and asked us for our thoughts and opinions. This posting is my reply to their post. I ve some ideas, but I ve also got some thoughts I d like to share that do .. - 100%

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