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21: www.personalhabit.com
- 100%

22: Don't Go In There!
Horror Awareness Month is the time we come together to learn and teach each other about the evil, spooky dangers that horror movies warned us about. - 100%

23: The Dawson Method
Tap Into The Amazing Power Of Attraction.. Think Rich Secrets Sleep Fast And Easy "Give Me 15 Minutes Now And I'll Have You Sleeping Like a Baby.. Naturally!" Sleep Fast And Easy Money Magnet Meditations "Learn to "Think and .. - 100%

24: Jessica Manuel Breaking the Chain
All rights reserved. Proudly powered by WordPress Theme WEN Business by WEN Themes. - 100%

25: No Donuts Let's get the junk food out
This site is crowd-sourced. Please share your ideas and stories. Share what works, and share your cautionary tales! From there, we'll develop toolkits, budgets, shopping lists and strategies for getting the junk food out of the .. - 100%

26: Stop Smoking Free Tips Resources
Ev r n wh h tried t g v u m k ng h faced the full g mut of demons th t n stop you from making a clean break. Th r r so m n f them that t - 100%

27: quit smoking tips
quit smoking tips - 100%

28: juubaco.org
Welcome to juubaco.org l d A l T C g B A l q l m u J j X v Q g u B i Q O O U X R j .. - 100%

29: About Tobacco Free Florida
Welcome to Tobacco Free Florida's about site. Please check back often for updates. For additional information on the Tobacco Free Florida campaign, contact Pam Schultetus at 850 668-2222 or media tobaccofreeflorida.com. Legal - 100%

30: www.themariharts.com
Welcome to themariharts.com Is this your domain? Add hosting, email and more. Ads Is Coal Killing You? Got Coal Pollution In You? Find Out In 3 Easy Steps. www.CoalInYourLife.org Quit-Smoking Injury Quit-Smoking Treatment Could .. - 100%

31: BAT Science - BAT Science
This website is written specifically for scientists with an interest in tobacco-related research or related disciplines. - 100%

32: Stella Vapors
Welcome Vaping Community! Stella Vapors is here to cater to the community to help to fight against cancer ! VAPE SHOP button WATCH VIDEOS button MALING LIST button Stella Vapors Comments RSS Entries RSS - 100%

33: The Call Educators Package
Lighting up that first cigarette could be the worst decision a person makes. Yet 4,000 young Americans make that decision every day. Whether from peer pressure, wanting to appear cool, influence of family members who smoke, or .. - 100%

34: MACT India
TNPFTC.org Anti Tobacco initiative by MACT Home Activities Stay Away A Nationwide campaign to fight against the consumer products manufactured by tobacco companies Surrogate advertising and providing sponsorship by tobacco .. - 100%

35: The Big Pitch Film Festival
Big Pitch Film Festival. How to Submit Record your video based on the Guidelines for Submission Upload your video. Finally, tell us about you and or your team. It s that easy to submit your pitch! Teachers!! Due to the move from .. - 100%

36: panthervapor.com
Welcome to Panther Vapor, LLC, created in South Florida. Ive been a traditional cigarette smoker for 8 years and until recently Ive realized the negative changes in my health condition. My cigarette habit was affecting only me but .. - 100%

37: Fox Box Inc.
Cigarettes are the most littered item in America and the World. 5.5 trillion cigarettes are produced each year. There is over 2.1 billion pounds of cigarette trash annually. A pack and a half a day smoker leaves behind 5 liters of .. - 100%

38: www.burythehabit.com
!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "- W3C DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional EN" "http www.w3.org TR xhtml1 DTD xhtml1-transitional.dtd" html xmlns "http www.w3.org 1999 xhtml" head title Bury The Habit mdash Home title meta .. - 100%

39: BAT Science - BAT Science
This website is written specifically for scientists with an interest in tobacco-related research or related disciplines. - 100%

40: Let Me Love You Bad Habit Bootleg by Bad Habit - Free music on ToneDen
Listen and download Let Me Love You Bad Habit Bootleg by Bad Habit for free on ToneDen - 100%


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