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21: Friction Gloves - HOME
Friction Gloves. The number one ultimate frisbee glove. We sell the best ultimate frisbee gloves. They help both throwing and catching a a disc in all conditions. - 100%

22: Action Figure, Transformer, Kamen Rider, Saint Seiya, Gundam And Toys
Action Figure, Transformer, Kamen Rider, Saint Seiya, Gundam And Toys - 100%

23: Heinsville - Teaching Freestyle Frisbee since 1996
Teaching Freestyle Frisbee since 1996 - 100%

24: spincollectiftokyo
header About us Member Join Publish about Photo Movie about Collection Dealer Shop about People AR Stiker Media Event School Pasward about about SCT BLOG about line spincollectiftokyo .. - 100%

25: Friction Gloves - Home
Friction Gloves are the original ultimate frisbee gloves and are worn by more players than any other frisbee glove - 100%

26: Disc Flights, Inc. Home Page
Your one-stop shop for all your flying disc needs. Home Discraft Golf Discs Innova Golf Discs Innova Glo Discs Innova Custom Discs Millennium Golf Discs Lightning Golf Discs DGA Golf Discs Champion Edition Special Edition Gateway .. - 100%

27: The Fly Times
Flying discs must meet certain standards in order to be approved by the PDGA and thus be legal for use in sanctioned events. Generally, no disc may be smaller than 21 cm in diameter, nor weigh more than 8.3 grams per centimeter of .. - 100%

28: Home
The internet home of professional disc golfer Valarie Jenkins. - 100%

29: DiscDiver.com Golden Retriever to the rescue for sunken golf discs.
This foldable device is designed to retrieve sunken golf discs from the bottom of water hazards. It only takes a few seconds and is exceptionally easy to operate. The 'Golden Retriever' is small enough to fit in any disc bag or .. - 100%

30: Ultimate Frisbee Blog A blog about ultimate frisbee to get you at your best
Basics of Ultimate Frisbee Ultimate Frisbee is a repetitively new sport, and it has quickly taken over the world! If you don't know anything about ultimate - 100%

31: Disc Golf Headquarters
The Gator is a good wind fighting mid-range disc. You will also want to keep your throws flat and low to the ground to prevent the wind from picking up the disc. How to putt into a headwind This is one of the trickiest and most .. - 100%

32: Home at schtickdisc.org
Promoting the egalitarian sport "Schtick", which is played with multiple flying discs at once! - 100%

33: Flying Disc Invasion Are you ready for the Invasion?
Flying Disc Invasion FDI is actively invading Egypt with a new sport. Which sport, you ask? Ultimate a.k.a. Frisbee . Many people in Egypt associate Ultimate with a game to be played with your dog, or a few minutes of fun on a .. - 100%

34: www.frisbeecollective.com
- 100%

35: Home
Home KnA Outdoor Mischief Mischief Card Game Mischief Spinners Where to Play Testimonials Ript KnA TableTop Space Movers Store Contact 2015 KnA Games LLC. All Rights Reserved - 100%

36: Chennai Ultimate Frisbee
National Beach Ultimate Tournament.. 10 teams, 150 athletes, 1 title. Oct 2nd, 3rd and 4th on the Elliots Beach, Besant Nagar.. Be there! Flyer Designer Shrayas Rajagopal More Subscribe to chennai ultimate frisbee enter email - 100%

37: Rob McLeod Frisbee Rob - 6 Guinness World Records and 8 World Championships
Welcome to the website of Rob McLeod, a disc sports competitor who is an 8 time World Champion and holds 6 Guinness World Records. - 100%

38: Skip Dog Disc Game
skip dog 2013001003.jpg facebook1.jpg dog gif.gif The Videos Game Rules Scoring dog gif.gif Game Parts skip dog 2013001002.jpg mail icon.jpg Book info News letter Sign up The Photos skip dog 2013001001.jpg - 100%

39: Random Stuff
This throw-off is called the pull. Once in play, the disc may be moved only by passing, so the player holding the disc must stay put but may pivot on one foot . If a team successfully advances the disc into the end zone, that .. - 100%

40: World Goaltimate
You must be logged in to post a comment. Search for Search Archives August 2012 Meta Log in World Goaltimate Proudly powered by WordPress. - 100%


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