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21: The Psychology of Conspiracy Theories A blog about the psychology of conspiracy theory ...
A blog about the psychology of conspiracy theory beliefs - 100%

22: Debunkatron
The trouble with the world is not that people know too little, but that they know so many things that ain't so. --Mark Twain When you read or overhear nonsense or the besmirching of science, do you have an urge to respond and set - 100%

23: The Society for Modern Parapsychology Main Page
The Society for Modern Parapsychology is an organization which seeks to educate the public into methods of scientifically evaluating claims of the paranormal in an open-mined yet valid way. - 100%

24: Journal of Skepticism - Dan Buzzard
Journal of Skepticism - A Skeptical View from Perth, Western Australia - 100%

25: Siddhanta.com Civilizing the West despite all objections.
Civilizing the West despite all objections. - 100%

26: Kirsten Emmott, M.D.
Welcome to the homepage of Kirsten Emmott, MD. Here you can find information about me, my career as a family doctor in Comox, BC, my interest in scepticism and debunking of pseudo-medicine, and my books, poetry and writing. Click .. - 100%

27: Welcome to Reason4Reason!
Reason4Reason - Skeptical Activists - 100%

28: Skeptic Project
Skeptic Project is a web site dedicated to investigating the Internet's most common conspiracy theories, hoaxes, and so on. The web site formerly known as Conspiracy Science. - 100%

29: PodBlack Cat Science, Superstitions and Skeptical Life
Science, Superstition and Skeptical Life - 100%

30: Coaching and Science
Welcome to Coaching Science! Through this blog I am hoping to bring you information that will bridge the gap between this weird thing that is coaching and this rational, methodical, analytical thing that is Science So read on .. - 100%

31: E. S. O. Martin writer
Posted on January 24, 2015 by E.S.O. Martin The Logic Stage If, during the Grammar level of reading, you were asking What happened? Who did it happen to? What was this story about? you must now ask How was it done? .. - 100%

32: Philadelphia Association for Critical Thinking
The Philladelphia area skeptics association provides a rational response to paranormal claims - 100%

33: Caspar Vega The Prince of Pulp
This is the home page's excerpt - 100%

34: Renovate Life Wherever you are, be all there. Renovate Life Wherever you are, be all ...
..Wherever you are, be all there." Skip to content Home About Book Reviews Product Reviews Mind Body Spirit Simplicity Bookstore My Recent Tweets Follow renovatelife1 Blogroll 100 Thing Challenge Ephemeral project Frugally .. - 100%

35: Myth Watchers
Hoax Website - 100%

36: AmazingAtheistTees.com The Greatest Tees In The Multi-Verse!
The Greatest Tees In The Multi-Verse! Home bob About Videos Shop Checkout My Account Support Shopping Cart 0 items Return to Content Home Of The Amazing Atheist The greatest human being to ever live. Warning!! This website may .. - 100%

37: Home
Play tennis or basketball or swim in our pool. A children's pool is also available along with picnic table, lounge chairs and sun umbrellas. We are proud of our Sub-division Our pond, ducks and natural the beauty of the foliage .. - 100%

38: auto
auto2 TWITTER FACEBOOK LAST UPDATE 2015.12.04 7 TOPICS 0 ARTICLES 00 TOP 01 PROJECT 02 NEWS 03 TOPICS 04 ARTICLE 05 CONTACT Speculate "the future that autonomous car will change". .. - 100%

39: Gala Rey 300K storytelling project 2016
The challenge in 2016 is to write a first. So for me, this is my first paranormal story. You can learn more about the JustWriteIt initiative at https www.wattpad.com story 25279524-just-write-it-guide You can read the first .. - 100%

40: Physics of Astrology by Nadia Smirnova-Mierau
Creativity - Your Enjoyment.. We are going to talk about a scientific explanation of astrology. Although not all stargazing colleagues agree that astrology and science are compatible, I have a firm belief and proof that they are. - 100%


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