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Top: Science: Astronomy
41: howManyStars - ScottV's astronomy pages
Close star pairs dwarf galaxies. on hold My Faint Survey -- looking for faint stars with high proper motions on DSS 2MASS plates. Note the USNO B1.0 catalog has more proper motions than I could ever get on my own WDS .. - 100%

42: Boundary Layers
Wellcome - 100%

43: Star In A Star - A place to know and live astronomy
A place to know and live astronomy A place to know and live astronomy - 100%

44: Human Rights For Vietnam
This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! When galaxies stop making stars, their death is usually a slow process that chokes them of the necessary cool gases over about four billion years. That is the .. - 100%

45: The Evening Show Astrophotography astronomy
The weather this year at WSP was very challenging for the imaging crowd. Very windy most of the week, and a lot of clouds and some rain to boot. Monday night before the real wind started, I managed to get two hours on Sharpless .. - 100%

46: La Guelle Gallery
Hello everyone and welcome to La Guelle Gallery! Charang Monastery Fort Grey by twilight Near Tso Kar Lake Lo Manthang Home Page Shopping Guernsey India Nepal Visual Cortex Legal Contact Us 2015 Quintin G Rayer. .. - 100%

47: Science Post Research news selection
Research news selection - 100%

48: PhotoPaynter.com
Click on each album to view the pictures. Date 07 27 2007 Owner Eric Size 2 items 48 items total Fine Art Fine Art Date 10 01 2008 Owner Eric Size 4 items 41 items total Views 3322 Bugs Bugs Date 05 02 2009 Owner Eric .. - 100%

49: El Jobean Yacht Club
The El JoBean Community League is announcing a spaghetti dinner with a green auction. The dinner will begin at 6 p.m., 4344 Jamison Way, March 12. The cost is 6 per person for advance ticket purchase. The green auction will .. - 100%

50: basehq.org
About BASE The Bonoi Academy of Science and Education is an international scientific organization dedicated to spreading knowledge of science to each corner all over the world. BASE organizes global scientific personnel, .. - 100%

51: My Blog My WordPress Blog
Which starts between November 15 and 29, 2016. The event, according to NASA, Who has been waiting for this pronominal to happen. Charles Bolden, who was appointed to the head of NASA by President Obama, issued a 1000 page document .. - 100%

52: www.weekendtrendy.com
..This full moon photo was taken on May 5, 2012. When the full moon occurs at perigee it is called a supermoon since the appears a bit larger then other full moons because it is at the closest disatance to the earth on it's .. - 100%

53: Technocute The Blog of Technology
..App update for iOS has arrives with new and useful features. For iOS version 2.12.5, WhatsApp gets 10 new upgrades. More The Road Taken by Uber is Making Losses The Road Taken by Uber is Making Losses Uber the ride-hailing .. - 100%

54: ferrumwood forge - Home
This seems like a logical place to start. Iron, also known as "ferrum", its Latin name, is the 26th element on the Periodic Table of Elements. It is a solid metal that is strong and malleable, which means, it has the abillity to .. - 100%

55: !
. - 100%

56: Battle.net - Welcome to the Battle.net Web Site!
Send us your StarCraft-themed comics and we'll choose the funniest or most interesting to be showcased on a special gallery page. Remember, we're looking for the best StarCraft humor out there. You can submit comics created in any .. - 100%

57: Arc of Light photographic images by duncan berry
photographic images by duncan berry An arc of light is constantly racing across the surface of our planet at 800 miles per hour, as the earth rotates from its dark side, towards the sun at dawn. Out of this darkness emerges .. - 100%

58: Abe Gibson Historian of Science the Environment
San Francisco Call on January 16, 1898. The article describes a harrowing encounter between a group of hunters and the feral pigs Read More CategoriesBlog Archives 1585-john-white-pomeiooc-dog-in-upper-half-of-image Native .. - 100%

59: www.illegallyright.com
- 100%

60: The Atomic Project A Real Working Atomic Model
The Atomic Project is an independent research and discovery endeavor with multiple objectives. Leedskalnin demonstrates ho contempory atomic theory lacks a sound base of understanding. Using the perpetual motion holder as an .. - 100%


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