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Top: Science: Astronomy: Observatories
21: www.ejtp.com
Aracne Editrice, Rome, Italy. EJTP-00001newnnn Majorana Prize The Majorana Prize is awarded annually by the Electronic Journal of Theoretical Physics EJTP to recognize outstanding contributions to theoretical physics and .. - 100%

22: Aaron's Blog
Mercury is the tiny dot above and right of center. The blob left and below of center is Sunspot 2542. Posted by Aaron Worley at 12 09 PM Oct 17, 2013 Jupiter October 17th Here's from left to right Ganymede, Io, Jupiter and .. - 100%

23: TheoryBin
Author Steven C. Buren's website of Bible studies relating to Physics of Creation, Mysteries of Deception, Politics and the Deceiver of the Bible. Other topics are Prairie Writers Club, Baseball History, and Independence Radio .. - 100%

24: Siebert Optics - Home Page
Handcrafted telescope optics including 1.25" eyepieces, binoviewers and OCA's similar to OCS , and barlows. - 100%

25: Pib's Home on the Web
Welcome to my personal home page on the World Wide Web. I also have a work web page which briefly describes my job at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, USA. I've listed my interests along with some links to Web pages .. - 100%

26: the stro pages - astronomy and space for the amateur
astronomy and space news, links, articles, photos, tutorials, telescope making, polls, screensavers, and discussion groups for the amateur - professionals welcome too! - 100%

27: Missouri Skies
All Images Copyright 1983-2010 D. Bush - 100%

28: Raivat Singhania Photography
Combining my greatest passion with a really fun relaxing hobby. - 100%

29: Manned Mission to Mars
Fast Manned Expeditions to Mars, Jupiter, Saturn,. Product catalog Links to other Sites Services Tickets to Mars Email-crwillis androidworld.com MARS - 257KB Salient Points New method of propulsion - US Patent 5,305,974 .. - 100%

30: 1 Star Drive
Star Drive a solar powered system by which the earth's magnetics and motion along with that of the sun, solar system and universe can be explained. - 100%

31: Eugene Linden endangered animals, rapid climate change, global deforestation, fragging
Mr. Trump has now yanked the credentials of several newspapers, magazine, and digital news sites. Apart from adding the role of a free press to the fa Mr. Trump has now yanked the credentials of several newspapers, magazine, and .. - 100%

32: Dr Louisa Preston
Dr Louisa Preston writes about Astrobiology, Mars and Goldilocks and the Water Bears. - 100%

33: www.fvalk.com
You are invited to have a look at our earth as seen by satellites from space and as captured from my home location at 52.3 Northern latitude and 5.3 Eastern longitude. Go to Earth HRPT. The site contains a compilation of pictures .. - 100%

34: Kids Cosmos
Kid's Cosmos is an educational resource for teachers and students with an empahsis on astronomy and related sciences. - 100%

35: Arp's Catalog Of Peculiar Galaxies
Comprehensive exploration of the galaxies involved in Halton C. Arp's Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies, to support the astronomical observer. - 100%

36: Basic Income Film Collective
The Pursuit of Passion, Equality Social Innovation. The time has come to challenge an antiquated system that no longer serves, something at the very core of our society. We believe there are some incredible ways to improve the .. - 100%

37: 4Frontiers Corporation - Earth, Mars, Moon, Asteroids
4Frontiers Corporation is an emerging space commerce company with unique expertise in Mars settlement design and related technologies. The company has access to a broad array of technical and social science specialists that .. - 100%

38: Astroverde - Astronomers of Verde Valley - amateur astronomy club in Northern Arizona
..Verde is the website of the Astronomers of Verde Valley. Who Are We? We are an amateur astronomy club serving the communities of the Verde Valley, Arizona. To learn more about us, click here. If you are as interested in Astronomy .. - 100%

39: Welcome to www.moratech.com
Here are some slightly outdated Weather links. A page of links to assist in Flight Planning. - 100%

40: DaedalusaL4 Guide
A detailed design study on the construction of a 10,000 person space settlement in Earth orbit, using current technology. Winner of he Grand Prize in the NASA Ames Space Settlement Design Contest 2000 - 100%


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