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1: Nuclear Energy Institute - Advancing Clean, Reliable Energy
NEI promotes the beneficial uses of nuclear energy, America's leading source of carbon-free electricity. Discover why nuclear is key to our energy future. - 100%

2: Illinois Clean Coal Institute Home Page
Coal has socioeconomic importance to Illinois. The Illinois coal industry is a nearly 1 billion industry. Coal is mined in 14 Illinois counties. Clean coal technology can reduce emissions of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, .. - 100%

3: The Practical Napper
Napping is good for the environment. When you're napping, you're not Burning fossil fuels Procreating, thus increasing the pitter-patter of little carbon footprints Engaging in slash-and-burn agriculture Labels environment, - 100%

4: WaterEnergyFood Innovation supplies for sustainable management of Water, Energy and Food
Innovation supplies for sustainable management of Water, Energy and Food by Giovanni Mappa - 100%

Western plants are NOT designed so badly. Although such designs exist in other former USSR clients such as Cuba, we have much more more to fear from them than any reactor site in the USA. - Is this like Three-Mile Island? Maybe. .. - 100%

6: Food Leaders Network - Home
New Name, Same Great Network! As the Future Leaders Food Network FLFN has grown throughout the past three years, it has evolved into the Food Leaders Network. This change reaffirms the vision and mission of the Network as a fun, .. - 100%

7: Roof Shingles, Underlayments, Wall and Roof Insulation, and More! Atlas Roofing
Providing premium quality roofing and insulation products for distribution throughout the world. - 100%

8: poWer Manhattan Project
Manhattan sized metropolis with zero carbon based energy sources." Our mission is not simple. Current clean energy technologies struggle to meet demands with out reliance on utility power. All but rarely, fossil fuels are the .. - 100%

9: Lighting The Planet Fundraising to Bring Clean Lighting to those in Need
Welcome to LightingThePlanet.org! The Difficulties in Cooking A mother struggles to cook due to the smoke being emitted from the kerosene can light and the fire, while her family watches from the darkness Local Entrepreneur The .. - 100%

10: ANS Nuclear Links
Questions or comments about the American Nuclear Society web site? Contact the ANS Webmaster. - 100%

11: www.synodon.net
Technology behind aerial leak detection services and equipment. Synodon developed the Simultaneous-View Correlation Radiometry SVCR technology and implemented it in the realSens gas detection system. SVCR is a variant of the .. - 100%

12: Arbol
Thanks for visiting Arbol. Our vision is to grease the wheels of the global Carbon economy. Simply stated, we aim to connect businesses, organizations, governments, and individuals to the most efficient and well vetted carbon .. - 100%

13: Welcome To ARM
Established in 2006, Advanced Resources And Marketing Pvt Ltd. is a green company in the green business of clean technology. Promoted by professionals with diverse expertise, experience and background the company is working on - 100%

14: Methane Levels Real-time Methane CH4 levels graph widget
A free, customizable and sharable interactive graph widget displaying real-time and historical global atmospheric methane CH4 levels. A project by the 2 Degrees Institute. - 100%

15: CarbonEmist
Carbon Emist is to calculate carbon footprint and to create awareness among people about carbon emission and carbon footprint. - 100%

16: www.zeroemissionsday.org
Zero Emissions Day is the annual Global 24 hour Moratorium on the use of Fossil Fuels on September 21. - 100%

17: Home
Home About Us Why How? Timeline Team Resources Legal Notices BERE PENINSULA PLAN A Plan for the Bere Peninsula Neighbourhood Plan Working Group for Bere Ferrers Parish, Devon CONTACT info berepeninsula.org.uk WELCOME - to the new .. - 100%

18: Uranium Energy Corporation
Uranium Producer - Uranium Energy Corp is a U.S.-based uranium production and exploration company operating North America s newest uranium mine. - 100%

19: Welcome!
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