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Top: Science: Space: Colonization
1: Space Frontier Foundation Home Page
The Space Frontier Foundation is an organization of people dedicated to opening the Space Frontier to human settlement as rapidly as possible. - 100%

2: Island One Society
Please check out Libertarian Samizdata, for views on the news. Forward Welcome to the Island One Society web pages. Island One is a beast of the information age, a well which is intended as a meeting place for future space .. - 100%

3: The Space Settlement Initiative
Will people ever live and work on the Moon and Mars? Will the settlement of space take place in your lifetime? The settlement of space would benefit all of humanity by opening a new frontier, energizing our society, providing room .. - 100%

4: Uncle Fishbits
Time Crystals are fairly novel, if not easily practically important. by Uncle Fishbits - 3 October, 2016 http www.nextbigfuture.com 2016 09 floquet-time-crystals-could-exist-and.html Time Crystals in their ground state are .. - 100%

5: NPIEE - Home
The Hollow Earth Expedition is the Greatest Expedition in the History of the World..to an ocean never before sailed. Target Date is AUGUST 2010. The science is real. The story is more than 5,000 years old. At a certain place - 100%

6: Space Studies Institute Technology for Human Space Settlement
The High Frontier is now on Kindle! Phoenix Conference, News, space Space Manufacturing 14 Proceedings Now Online A human tended lab in Earth orbit to learn the effects of Lunar and Martian gravities on mammals. News, space, .. - 100%

7: Exoplanet Colonization Program, Exoplanet Colonies, Planet Colonies
SPACE PIONEERS needed now to colonize Habitable Exoplanets - Planet Colony Application - 100%

8: Katie Khan
I'm writing a novel about a couple falling in space, who only have 90 minutes of air remaining. This is where I keep my research. - 100%

9: Mark and Toddcast Sciency! The Mark and Toddcast
Cory Thomas about the daily logistics and intriguingly.. Read More Photo on 2-8-16 at 7.37 PM Podcast 28 What the Ph is The Vault ? How will we rebuild humanity after complete global devastation? The Global Seed .. - 100%

10: Campfire Novels Hikers Reviewing Books
Hikers Reviewing Books - 100%

11: World 2075 - Home
Humanity of 2075 has built a kilometer wide space station, moon mining operations, interplanetary space ships, and Mars colonies. But it still faces the nemesis of global warming threatening to raise temperatures beyond human .. - 100%

12: Shivaranjan.com
Tech News, Reviews, Tips, Tricks, Tutorials, Windows, Linux - 100%

13: 20seventyfive - Home
Humanity of 2075 has built a kilometer wide space station, moon mining operations, interplanetary space ships, and Mars colonies. But it still faces the nemesis of global warming threatening to raise temperatures beyond human .. - 100%

14: www.transitionolympia.org
Harrison Division, in West Olympia. The challenges of an unstable climate, a contracting economy, and the risks associated with access to oil mean that we are facing a changing world. Back to Basics is a brief introduction to .. - 100%

15: Big News Today
What happened to Sunrocket VOIP service? Many of Sunrockets VOIP service s 200,000 subscribers found out about Sunrocket s demise the hard way their phone service just stopped working with no advance warning. The .. - 100%

16: Orange Sunshine Space
Orange Sunshine Space is a growing religion, join us now for free money! Full Name E-mail Password Gender Male Female I Believe Don't Register Log in to your account Log into the peculiar world of Orangesunshinespace .. - 100%

17: In The Lion's Paw
Could it Really Happen?. Have you ever thought what might happen if there were a celestial event at the end of the year 2012 that could be hailed as a marker for truly apocalyptic events here on Earth? A new book by Ninian G .. - 100%

18: Subatomic Assembler
Website for Subatomic Assembler machine that can create matter at the subatomic level. - 100%

19: Informing NASA's Asteroid Initiative A Citizen Forum
How about harvesting asteroids for potential economic benefits? Could asteroid exploration be used to boost our capabilities and help clear a pathway to Mars? How should we balance costs, risks, and benefits of human exploration .. - 100%

20: . that we exist .
Alpha - That We Exist Beta - That We Exist "ISS034E016601 - Stratocumulus Clouds - Pacific Ocean" by ISS Expedition 34 CrewImage Science Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center . Julian Herzog - Astronaut Photography of .. - 100%


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